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He’s an Ass-Man. Who Knew?

Pervert Savant and I exchanged a few emails earlier this evening. Always a pleasure, as he is just so adorably entertaining and quick-witted. Next thing I know he emails:

I have this notary’s seal stamp and a little stamp pad filled with black ink. I think it might be fun to spread you face down, over a nice walnut desk. You’d be nude, butt up, of course, with your silky hair splayed over your shoulders and your long legs hanging over the desk. In this position, I’d notarize your ass.

I’d do it properly. I would follow all of the formalities. I might even breathe on the ink-end of the stamp before I’d notarize you. To warm it. To get it ready for the imprinting. Then I’d do it. The notarization would read as follows:

State of Colorado )

) SS:

County of Arapahoe )

Before me, a Notary Public, in and for this County and State came Pervert Q. Savant, who being duly sworn, acknowledged the aforesaid this ___ day of September, 2006.

My County of Residence Is: ___________

My Commission Expires: _____________


Notary Public


Printed Name of Notary

Then I would carefully affix my inky Notary’s Seal to your round, mound-y little ass. I’d do it relishing the slopes and contours of the upper part of your butt, watching them emerge from the small of your back.

And I’d attest to everything! Right there, in nice squid black ink. I would attest that I like you, and your ass, and your crazy imagination. Then I would formalize it.

And there’d be my name. Right there. On your pale white concave ass. For as long as the ink lasted.

And I’d use indelible ink.


Then, a bit later:

I’ve decided your ass is “convex” rather than “concave”.

Scientific rigor is important in these things.

Otherwise, I would notarize you in the same manner as before.

P. Q. Savant

Cute little bugger, isn’t he?

5 Responses to “He’s an Ass-Man. Who Knew?”

  1. science nerd Says:

    It is clear that the creative intellect so often displayed by Angela’s clients (aka servants, slaves…) is 100% in service to the much smaller intellect contained in the sub-umbilical organ we all know and love. Such is our love affair with this woman.

  2. Jeremy Edwards Says:

    What a neat and imaginative little erotic fantasy, rendered with such nice literary detail.

  3. Angela Says:

    Hi Jeremy!!!

  4. Gracie Says:

    Now that’s damn fine kink.

  5. Angela Says:

    I know…isn’t he just fuckin’ awesome?