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Knighted: Submissive Savant

Let it be known across the Land of Virtual Kink that Richard, beloved of Alexandra and having acquitted himself well as both page and squire, came this day to kneel before the Queen of Kink (that would be moi–at least for these purposes…but don’t believe everything you read) to receive the accolade of Submissive Savant.

Richard joins Pervert Savant and Deviant Savant as part of my ever-growing Savant Collection. These exquisite and rare collectables look absolutely fab on the shelves of my curio cabinet, adding a certain pizazz to its otherwise ordinary veneer. This Queen delights in her Savants’ individual quirkiness, general outrage at all things mundane and above-average Kink Quotient.

In celebration of this most joyous of days, I’ve added Submissive Savant to the Virtual Savant Curio Cabinet.

Sir Richard ichard is my good friend, Alexandra’s beloved submissive, brilliant and clever observer/chronicler in the Land of Virtual Kink, my generous & indulgent advisor on all things techno-web and internet-iquette (because I haven’t got a clue).

Straight up, you can’t go wrong when befriending this lovely savant. While he is submissive, I opt to adore him…from afar, of course. Because otherwise he just couldn’t take it.

Oh, and Richard is a tireless and passionate bitchboy for anything BDSM/FemDom, as you will find at his other sites: BDSM Watch, FemDom Blogs, FemDom Dating, BDSM Weblogs, and FemDom Romance, FemDom WeBlogs.

Now let’s party!


23 Responses to “Knighted: Submissive Savant”

  1. Down On My Knees Says:

    Submissive Savant?

    My friend the irrepresible literatrix, Angela St. Lawrence, manipulator of words and libidos has given me a title:Let it be…

  2. Angela Says:

    It is much deserved. And I am the lucky one. Don’t you know?

  3. hot java Says:

    I can ony imagine the regalia mistress requires of her knighted savants….chain mail panties under a chaffon kilt no doubt. Angela should share with her fans a photo of her assembled inner circle around an appropriately round table, donning a crown of their jewels of course.

  4. Angela Says:

    Very funny, Java…

    Though Richard is a most masculine (albeit deeply submissive) man.

    Now chain mail might be something Alexandra could employ in some fashion or other to drive Submissive Savant into subspace. I will have to talk to her about that.

  5. Alexandra's secretary Says:

    On behalf of Alexandra I would like to express that She duly accepts the accolades and friendly affections offered to Her pet and manservant and stated on this site on the World Wide Web, albeit with some reservations as to the events proposed by the gentleman with the alias which refers to a programming language whose molecules are vibrating rapidly soas to produce heat.

    Unfortunately She draws the line at her servant wearing panties, be they chainmail or otherwise, and furthermore She regrets to inform those present that no such ‘jewels’ are currently available for use in the construction or adornment of headwear or indeed any other article of clothing. In summary such jewels are already assigned purpose in accordance to Her wishes and there are no other jewels available.

    Alexandra’s secretary

  6. Angela Says:

    Dear Alexandra’s Secretary:

    All I can say is that it must be love. But then I already knew that.

    And please forgive said JavaMan…he is hot, sexy and oh-so-sweet, but hopelessly vanilla.

    And — while able to conjugate circuitous verbs, assay complex synthetic processes or even occasionally leap tall buildings in a single bound — he doesn’t know the first thing about kink and is totally clueless when it comes BDSM/FemDom.

    I promise to teach him better.

  7. Alexandra's secretary Says:

    In a statement released to the general public earlier this week, Alexandra said “Yeap, he’ll do” 😉

  8. Richard Says:

    The panties weren’t a big thing. My Beloved knows that I’m not inclined that way. I once suggested something about wearing a tiny chain around my neck as a token and she made it clear that wearing decorative items were her department, not mine.

  9. Angela Says:

    All I can say is that I love having the two of you (kinda-sorta) here together at my blog…what a treat for me.

    Thank you.

  10. Richard Says:

    You’ll never really know how flattered you make me feel. No small thing, trust me. Only Alexandra knows what an ego-crushing few years I’ve had.

  11. backroads Says:

    Bunch of good people here. Yep. Very good people.

  12. Booklover Says:

    Good people bestowing real honors. This is a nice place. Congrats to the knighted one from the envious peasants.

  13. Angela Says:

    Ah, Booklover. If you are a peasant then there is many a village wench who would take you to her bed.

  14. SlipOfAGirl Says:

    I just have one question… does being knighted or otherwise becoming a ‘savant’ here hurt at all? All this hoop-la makes a girl nervous

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