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Jerotic: He’s Back!


by Jeremy Edwards

The hotel’s elegant indoor pool area–deserted at this hour–was the perfect venue for the tryst we both craved. As we enjoyed the cool jazz that wafted in, we kissed, fondled, and undressed at leisure.

The last garment had hit the tiles. Gabrielle’s nipples and my penis were at maximum tension, and her pussy kissed my fingers with sweet juice. I began to lead her to a lounge chair, so that we could properly mingle.

“I have to pee first,” she said. I prepared to bide my time, thinking she would throw something on, excuse herself, and find a restroom. But she had other ideas. She glanced quickly around the pool lounge and spotted a file of fluffy towels. She grabbed a medium-size towel and, standing gloriously naked before me, she shoved it, still folded, into her crotch, where she held it tight with one hand and both thighs.

As I watched in amazement and delight, she kept her outer muscles tight and relaxed her inner ones. Within moments, she was pumping a powerful river of pee into the towel, humping it rhythmically all the while. Though she pissed a long time–an expression of sexual bliss creeping onto her face as she did so–the towel absorbed most of her flood. Only a few small, titillating trickles headed down her pulsating legs or dripped languidly to the floor beneath her damp, hot pussy.

Short and sweet and deliciously naughty. Dontcha think? You might recall that Jerotic visited Zen Fetish once before and I told you more about him the very next day. I mean, after all, inquiring minds wanted to know.

Something else about Jerotic? He’s a very sweet guy. I count him as a friend. And I count myself very lucky.

What’s a mind like Jerotic’s up to on a daily basis? Find out here. Tell him Angela sent you. He might just offer you some milk and cookies. Watch out for the lemonade, though.

7 Responses to “Jerotic: He’s Back!”

  1. SlipOfAGirl Says:

    You know, that Jeremy gets around :p

  2. backroads Says:

    Any friend of Angela’s is a friend of mine. And any friend of Angela’s is very lucky indeed. Good people hang out at this blog. No wonder.

  3. science nerd Says:

    Angela is a Mecca for erotic talent, it seems. That Jerotic has turned urine into art is impressive and that Angela generates, attracts and shares so much talent makes hanging out here both edifying and inspirational.

  4. Pervert Q. Savant Says:

    It made me want to reach for a moist towlette. Water frolics aren’t for everybody but hey, I live in a glass house. So, whiz away, my friends! Whiz away!

  5. Angela Says:

    Pervert Q. Savant: Must I force you to do naughty things? Must I now? Perhaps you should be sent to the Principal’s Office?  Or maybe Madame would best know how to handle the likes of you?

  6. Pervert Q. Savant Says:

    Madame’s no empty threat. I was looking at her site. There’s more leather in there than in the Chicago stockyards!


    Pervert Q. Savant

  7. The Joy of Sox — to Fedora | ZenFetish Says:

    […] (who’s a good buddy of this blog, showing up here and there, now and again) sends my way:  Hello, everyone! Here’s a summary (because the weather is summery) of […]

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