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Lovely Lady, Smart Man…

..and a bit of poetry.

So I’m was checking out Sex Kitten, cuz something interesting is always going on there; take for instance, Whores & Horror: The Show, where Louise, Gracie, SlipofaGirl, Lyndee (she didn’t quite show up, but so what) and me are just stirring, licking and tickling up all kinds of naughtiness.

Where was I? Oh, yes.

Tess wrote a most astounding piece regarding women and body image which spoke to my heart, saying among other things:

Being 118 pounds may impress the Neanderthals in the clubs, but if it makes me fall down dead on the tennis court because my body has started to consume my heart muscle for nutrients or something, well uh, I think I couldn’t care less what impresses the rednecks.

Upon which I pondered:

Boy, what society/men/ourselves/media has done to women and body image. Sad…sad, indeed.

Then JerseyJake responded from his most magnicent and sensitive man-heart, saying among other things:

The thing I still love most about women is the magnificent variety. I’ve loved all kinds, all races at one time or – built thin, full-figured, athletic, dancers and even 1 little person. Each woman was beautiful and yes, sexy in my eyes. What made them desirable wasn’t their physique, but the way they carry themselves, their self-confidence…

And then he taught us. Goodness, how he taught us–with a poem by Gwendolyn Brooks (The first African American to win a Pulitzer Prize for poetry):

Look! I am beautiful, beautiful with
My wing that is wounded
My eye that is bonded
Or my ear not funded
Or my walk all a-wobble
I am enough to be beautiful.

You are
beautiful too.

(Read the commentary in its entirety here.)

4 Responses to “Lovely Lady, Smart Man…”

  1. Booklover Says:

    Thanks for sharing Jakes quoted poem. This column is becoming a wonderful place for opening new doors into the soul.

  2. lawyer guy Says:

    To all you ladies: You are beautiful, too. That’s the whole point. Thanks, JerseyJake.

  3. Luscious Lyndee Says:

    Absolutely, I am finding I would much rather stay in the comfort of my own home reading the brilliant and entertaining writings of Angela and her colleagues, as opposed to hanging out at Barnes and Noble….Suffice it to say, I would be arrested and jailed if I reacted publicly, like I do in the privacy of my own home, while reading some of their works! Angela, do you mind if I move my recliner into your Boudoir?

  4. jeremy Says:

    The great civilizations have all shared the concept of inclusiveness (at least by the standards of their age). It would be the ideal if our civilization extended that practice beyond hiring and bus riding rules. We could all benefit from soul glasses instead of skin glasses through which to view our fellow inhabitants.

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