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Oh Cum All Ye Faithful

My main gig is phonesex, phone sex fantasy — pure and simple.

Fantasy being the key word, but I’ll get back to that thought in a minute. Hang tough and I promise to make this short and sweet as I have things to do today and am on the move.

Because what I find curious is that….

Some (not all–don’t get jiggly on me) girls who do “FemDom” or “Spoiled Brat” or “Princess” or “Mistress” (don’t fool yourself–same crayon box, different crayons) calls are quite adamant that they don’t do phone sex, insisting that they are much superior to phonesex gals.

Of course these same self-professed dominatrices oft buy into their own mythology (ie. showing up at chat rooms, blogs and message boards to instruct, badger, and chastise the lowly and un-deified minions and/or collecting deadbeat boyfriends who suddenly evolve into houseboys/slaves). Which, come to think of it, is a pretty good reason to best be moving beyond this particular bit of blather. Don’t you think? Can’t really argue with a Demi-Goddess. Now, can we?

Back to the main thought here:

Anyway, the bottom line –no matter how you want to dress it up– is we fulfill the caller’s fantasy–not our’s, but the callers. Got that? In other words, we are the myth of perfection, not the reality. And, no matter which way you slice it, perfection within the realm of a fantasy call is defined by the caller, not the callee. The liaison between the phone sex caller and phone sex provider is a slippery one at best. He is looking –at least momentarily under the vise-like grip of his most lizardly self– for a fantasy come true, the perfect partner in slime. It our job to provide that experience in triple-decker, double-digits deviance of the highest caliber.

Furthermore, to be successful in this business of smoke and mirrors, requires a suspension of disbelief for both the caller and callee. Because we just ain’t getting him “there” unless we jump on the magic carpet with him. Yet, at the same time, we must maintain very clear professional boundaries….both for the caller and for us. The better we are –the more we care about what we do and who we do– the harder this becomes. But it is nonetheless an imperative of great import. Don’t kid yourself…souls lie in the balance here, karma is waiting right around the corner to kick our asses.

Personally, I block obsessive callers (312 at last count–but this number also includes the rude and the stupid), refusing to be a part of their downward spiral. I am diligent in reminding my callers that fantasy and reality are two different animals. That they must not be blinded by my neon-lit manger. That if I turned up the halogens things would look quite different.

I always remind them that in my everyday doings I am probably not much sexier than their wife/girlfriend/significant other….that just like her, I probably would not want to wear fetish leathers or tie them up or take their rectal temperature or kick them in the balls or force them to suck cock.

Because someday I won’t be young and beautiful and clever and full of myself and sharp and brilliant and adorable and adventurous and uncontainable (mythically speaking, of course).

And the telephone will only yield a busy signal.

And if you are wondering where all this came from…it all started here:

Are Sex Services Bad?

Damn you, Gracie!

10 Responses to “Oh Cum All Ye Faithful”

  1. Luscious Lyndee Says:

    I have been waiting, and the day finally came! Kudos, Twinkies, and a BIG glass of chocolate milk for my Sweet Cheeks, Angela! I love this post so much that I want to print it out and take it to bed with me….

    Man oh man, I wish this could be posted on the front page of a site not to be named.
    This post is just one of the many reasons I love my colleague, ASL!!!

  2. lawyer guy Says:

    I appreciate your perceptiveness, Angela. But I wish others in the industry would be as candid and balanced. What you seem able to do, which many cannot, is accept a caller’s pre-chosen “magic carpet” and yet make the ride fresh, wild and full of the unexpected. Then, you land the carpet safely — and we all get off (get off the carpet, I mean!) That is a talent. not just a philosophy.

  3. hdb Says:

    Angela, your words and sentiments illustrate why spending time with you is like being granted an interlude on Mount Olympus with the Goddess Aphrodite. Thank you for this insightful and on-the-money disquisition.

    I will return to you. Again and again and again. I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out why.

  4. metroman Says:

    You just keep getting better, LadyGirlGoddess. I dream of Angela with the dark brown hair and ink-stained fingers and magic carpet burns.

  5. Slutmunch Says:

    What he said (wink)!!!

  6. Pervert Q. Savant Says:

    Well, there is work, but there is also art. There is the mundane, but there is also the sublime. There is reality, but there is fantasy too. All has its place.

    I’ve always thought that masturbatory fantasy is valuable too. God probably gave us genetalia and wired it up to our brains for a reason. Maybe He did that to get us over the bad spots.

    Yeah, phone sex is fantasy and not reality. But don’t sell yourself and your better counterparts short. It can be art too. It can also be a valuable thing for some of your callers whose days otherwise feature stale Rice Krispies, screaming kids, wives that don’t like to do it anymore, utility bills, moronic bosses, and letters from the IRS. Phone sex can be a quick “get me off before I have to do the 9 to 5” or a slow trip to Xanadu with a doe-eyed houri. It all depends. But I’d imagine that the Walter Mittys of the world — whose realities sometimes aren’t all that great — are grateful for the fantasies you weave. It may be all
    some of them have.

    So maybe you really aren’t the nubile young geisha you’re giving your customers. Maybe sometimes you’re just an ordinary young woman with a set of headphones on trying to be erotic alone in a little apartment with no one for company but your cat. But you might be making the life of someone equally as ordinary just a tad better for your effort and imagination.

    Making the world a little better for others — even if it’s just your job — isn’t all that bad an idea.


    Pervert Q. Savant

  7. science nerd Says:

    Another salvo of enlightened perception from our fantasy girl/real life angel. She is a giant on fantasy island which is certainly the homeland of us phone sex callers. With Angela I can smell the clean sheets in the room we share…A good life in reality complemented by one in fantasy certainly seems like a win-win to me.

  8. Gracie Says:

    Angela, just a quick note to let you know I am linking to this in the SK discussion 😉

    I hope some of you will join in over there too. Seems my long-winded posts may be driving some off, but I really would like a discussion on this ~ I already know what I think 😉

    And Angela, this includes your fine-but-busy-ass too :p

    With much affection,

  9. tom Says:

    You are so right. They have to learn they are in a service business.

  10. booklover Says:

    Ditto to the great comments from Pervert Savant. He says well what I was trying to say in a long exchange with Gracie when she asked if Sex Services Were Bad: there can be artistry and social work and liberation and healing in a good call, and all are appreciated.

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