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Happy Friday the Thirteenth.

  1. Financial Goddess worth giving it up for: Exclusively Devon
  2. Scarlett Teese: That would be Johansson and Dita Von (yum yum).
  3. My newest pairs of heels: Are these sexy or what? and Would you kneel?
  4. Laura Baumach: Sensually Wicked Man Love
  5. Phone Sex with Miss Swan (very funny)
  6. Maria’s online diary: Cuckolding Martin (very hot, sexy, explicit)
  7. Cross-Dressing: From the inside out (honestly thoughtful)
  8. Barely Legal PhoneSex Sweetheart (prepare to be amazed)
  9. So you want to write erotica? (excellent resource, frequently updated)
  10. Dominatrix, Heineken style. Actually, pretty much on the money.
  11. A Woman of Conviction. Someone to admire, champion and support.
  12. A most interesting artist who’s recently caught my attention.
  13. OMG! Look what Mistress Sky’s been up to. I adore this woman!

More fun with the Friday the Thirteenth:

And one more thing:

First 5 callers: 1.13 per minute. Oops! Sale all gone. Sorry. (Thanks, guys!)


3 Responses to “Triskaidekaphobia”

  1. backroads Says:

    Damn! Always a day late and a dollar short. Guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and jump on at full freight. Brutha, can anyone spare a dime?

    That Miss Swas Phone Sex video is a hoot.

  2. hot java Says:

    Angela is the complete woman. She waxes intelligent and convincingly perceptive about human nature, business or politics and then just entertains us all like with this entry. The Miss Swan bit was priceless.  Thanks, Angela.

  3. tom Says:

    Sexy, smart, entertaining, and now a search engine…what will she do next???

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