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The Eye of an Artist


Sexy?  Yes?

Thanks to Mr. C for sending me a link to photographer Brian Rawson’s website, where I found the above (click on the images to blow your mind).

Only 26 years old, Brian is already kicking ass and taking names, fast becoming the fair-haired boy to both art and smut aficionados. Of course, the latter prefer the term “erotica” to “smut,” and we shall leave them to that eternal debate.

In the meantime, I am quite sure Brian has things of much more import with which to occupy himself–mainly, the business of becoming famous. I think I just might hit him up for an interview in the future. That is if he can even find time. Keep your fingers crossed.

Ten or twenty minutes prancing around his website, and you will begin to garner just what all the hoopla is about: Major talent, unique vision and obvious wonderment in the world and women around him (When asked about his influences he mentions his models and his dog.) have combined in a very big way in a very short time.

And people are talking. Not only has Brian and his work been featured at Fleshbot, but his photographs have also appeared in the New York Post and Bon Appétit.

And guess what else. You can own your very own Brian Rawson work for a very reasonable price.

How cool is that?

7 Responses to “The Eye of an Artist”

  1. lit major Says:

    Great stuff. It is exciting to see so much talent in someone my own age. I particularly like the “peeking through the pallette” picture.

  2. backroads Says:

    I don’t know, lit major. Seems Angela may have a little more “corrupting” to do with you. No see girl parts in the pallette pic!

    I find the “girl on the cake” particularly enticing. Then again, I wouldn’t mind finding the first lovely lady waiting for me in some dark alley, or showing my “rubber duckie” to the second.

    Or even deflowering the virginal third.

    Damn it, Angela, why do you do this to us?

  3. Luscious Lyndee Says:

    Awesome photography, and ready to order up some prints over here!! Ang, you need to get in touch with him via email! I feel sure he would make time for you, dear one! He seems to be very outgoing and personable…I’d say you have a “great shot”! No pun intended, of course!!

  4. Angela Says:

    Lyndee: Isn’t he just too frickin’ talented? Someday, O Luscious One –you just mark my words– those photographs you purchased will be worth lotsa do re mi.

    And lit major: One of those sure would look good over your bed, dontcha think?

    And backroads: So which one are you going to buy?

    And, yes, I am pushy. Whatcha gonna do about it?

    Once again, check out Brian at Tiny Fine Art to purchase now…because, you don’t want me to have to say, “I told you so,” later. Now do ya?

  5. lit major Says:

    backroads – just to defend my choice: they all are intriguing, but for me the greatest eroticism is in the picture where only the girl’s eye is showing through the pallette. What Angela has been teaching me is that that is what fantasy is really all about — being able to imagine your lover from the little hints and clues she gives.
    You buy yours and I’ll buy mine – glad we won’t be bidding against each other!

  6. david Says:

    Good stuff, Angie. Thanks.

  7. Feel Says:

    This has to be the most Incredible Hot should write more,good stuff, write more.

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