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Who is Feeling Sexy?

‘Cuz it sure isn’t me.

I think this has to do with the Case of the Missing Maid.  At least that’s all I can put my finger on.

In case you hadn’t heard, I’ve been in the process of hiring a maid for quite a while now; literally, months.  Well I finally did it.  I came down off of my picky-prickly high horse and finally picked someone.  The deed was done and we were ready to go!

She requested particular cleaning products.  I made a special trek to the store to purchase every item on her list.  Was even paying her more than she’d asked for (I just thought she was under-valuing herself. Guess it’s the FemDom in me.)  She tells me she wants to start at 7:00am.  Not in my game plan.  But, hey, nobody (just you hush yo’ mouth, hdb) ever said I was inflexible.

That was yesterday. The day of the lovely surprise snowstorm.

So I found myself glad to be up so early.  Up in the still-black morning to see our first snowfall clinging to recently glabrous trees: hopeful harbinger of a glorious winter of white vistas observed and made pristine through the glass of the French doors off my living area as I sat – wool sockies and hot chocolate – snug and safe in front of my blazing fireplace.

But the bitch didn’t show up.

Because the morning was so fine, so perfect…I could have forgiven her this. The weather was bad, also unexpected, which could have shaken her up.  And I tend to be the forgiving type.  So when she did call, long after the scheduled time to offer up just such excuses, I did forgive her.  And we rescheduled for today.

Today, 7:00am, telephone rings: “Hello, Angela. This is Maria. I’m on my way.”

Guess what?  She didn’t show up again.  And the snow melted.

So while I mope and crank and feel sorry for myself, lets see who is feeling sexy:

  • Looks like Michelle is all dressed up and feeling pretty scrumptious.
  • Richard is humming along to the Nutcracker Suite.
  • Mistress Edenn is ready to make you “blush and squirm as I probe for all your secret vulnerabilities and make you confess your most embarrassing fantasies.”
  • Looking for some girl on girl action?
  • Maybe a bit of maternal direction is what you need?
  • Barely legal nymphos are always fun. Go ahead. Don’t be shy.
  • And Sabrina is always smolderingly hot.
  • Not to mention the ever-enticing and intriguing Kat.

So there you go. There’s a lot of sexy people out there. Including myself. Just not tonight.

7 Responses to “Who is Feeling Sexy?”

  1. hdb Says:

    As always, even when you have been let down by someone, you find the heart to reach out to your friends. I don’t know who this Maria is, but she has a lot of nerve upsetting you–most precious Cyber Goddess.

    She deserves a throttling, but we know who you have that throttling reserved for, don’t we.

  2. Mr. Smith Says:

    A maid? Now I am impressed.

    BTW, re. your earlier question: No, you don’t know me. I’ve never called you. Never tried that particular brand of sexual expression. But you, Angela, do tempt me.

  3. backroads Says:

    Damn good trick, Angela: Being sexy even when you don’t feel sexy. Mistress Edenn looks pretty interesting. Maybe I’ll give her a call. Thanks.

  4. metro man Says:

    Sorry about the maid problem. I know how long you’ve been trying to get that set up. I ALSO know she is very lucky you can’t get your hands on her. (Your such a terror when you mad, but so cute, too.) And I know you’ll find another, better one. So don’t dispair too much.

    LOVED Michelle’s descriptive essay at Slip of a Girl!

    I remember Sabrina from her story, the one you featured a while back. That was hot. Very interesting woman, indeed.

  5. Michelle Says:

    Hi Angie
    I’ll send you a photo of Michelle as a (reliable?) maid if you give me an email address. If you don’t, that’s okay, too.
    Thanks to metro man for his comments. I wrote that over a year ago, but it still summarisies how I feel.

  6. Angela Says:

    Michelle…you can try out my new email system:


  7. jeremy Says:

    So you, as the the cutest Donald Trump saying “you’re fired!” kind of excites me.

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