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Make Me Cum Ten Times

Because -contrary to PSO Mythology- multiple orgasms aren’t as common as my sisters-in-crime would have you believe (so quit beating your chest, monkey boy) and I surely don’t have them.  Then again, I’ve never felt the need, since the sex I do have is pretty damn hot in and of itself.  So, I dare you.

Because I just think that multiple and, in particular, sustained orgasms could possibly cause some sort of brain damage or at least a dulling of one’s sensibilities.  So perhaps one shouldn’t partake of such gluttonous over-stimulation in the first place.  But what the heck.

Because while my holidays have been glorious in many ways, I’ve run up against a few hurting, aching, lonely people and it has torn me to ribbons.  There have been almost as many tearful as cheerful moments this year and I really just want to get my mind onto something else.

Because a second snowstorm (which they are saying won’t end until sometime Saturday night) is currently assaulting my personal turf (my vehicle is totally invisible beneath a blanket of snow) and I am gonna be stuck inside for another who-knows-how-many-days.

Because Lyndee is sick of looking at the snow people fucking and said to me just a few minutes ago … WRITE A BLOG ENTRY!

So…here it is.  Make me Cum Ten Times.  I dare you.  I double-dog dare you.  I even triple-dog dare you.

Bah!  Humbug!  I knew you couldn’t.

xo, Angela

16 Responses to “Make Me Cum Ten Times”

  1. Lyndee Says:

    LOL, now that was funny! Thanks for a much needed laugh, Angela!!
    And, just in case your “harem” can’t fulfill the deed, ummm…well, you know, I just might be the WOMAN that can do it!! Wanna try it?
    Feel better, and please, no tornadoes my way!!!

  2. Angela Says:

    You crazy girl…I love you to pieces. SMOOCH!

  3. The Continental Says:

    Dearest Mademoiselle,

    Could we perhaps start with five times, Mon Cheri? I do not want to wake the neighbors.

    Bon Jour

  4. Booklover35 Says:

    Quoting Tennyson’s Sir Galahad: “My strength is as the strength of ten,/ Because my heart is pure.” Put me to the test, M’lady!

  5. yelomonkey Says:

    Are you referring to me?

  6. David C. Says:

    Like there’s anybody out here who wouldn’t like a chance to try!

    Bah! Humbug! You know you wouldn’t let us.

  7. Lyndee Says:

    Yeah, what David C. said!!

    Hope you’re fairing the weather, dearest one!! Is that you I see on the hood of that car? I knew you were a kinky girl!! And, all of this time…..

    No, honestly…hope all is well out your way!! Take care, and lots of hot chocolate…with whipped cream, of course!

  8. The Continental Says:

    Mon Petit Chat,

    You like to whip the cream too? This is almost too much. You may call me your Ready Whip.

    Mon Dieu !!!

  9. puzzler565 Says:

    Angela: Marry me and then we can just start counting.

  10. Mistress Sky Says:

    I do hope puzzler565 was on his knees when he typed that!! LOL – I feel Bah Humbug too, but we’ve got wind and rain – I so envy you the snow sculpture and the crisp, dry air!

    Happy New Year x x x

  11. PQS Says:

    This, from Wikipedia’s entry on “Orgasm”:

    “Female multiple orgasm

    Unlike men, women either do not have a refractory period or have a very short one and thus can experience a second orgasm soon after the first; some women can even follow this with additional consecutive orgasms. This is known as having multiple orgasms. After the initial orgasm, subsequent climaxes may be stronger or more pleasurable as the stimulation accumulates. Research shows that about 13% of women experience multiple orgasms[citation needed]; a larger number may be able to experience this with the proper stimulation (such as a vibrator) and frame of mind. However, some women’s clitorises and nipples are very sensitive after orgasm, making additional stimulation initially painful. It is possible to engage in deep, rapid breaths while continuing stimulation and making a conscious intention to release the pain and tension during and after sex. Doing this can allow for the intense stimulation to be interpreted not as painful but as intensely pleasurable.”

    So you want to be among the 13% (citation needed) that experience multiple female orgasms? Get a good vibrator and then put yourself in the right “frame of mind.”

    Helpful, eh?

  12. hot java Says:

    I knew a wacko colleague in Texas, whose second marriage was some combination of show and tell. His new, younger wife’s name was Polly and he used to introduce her as Poly-orgasma…the male ego has no bounds. That being said, I think connections on many levels could be said to be multi-orgasmic….

  13. PQS Says:

    Your comment on the male ego rekindled an old memory, HJ.

    In my high school years I had a summer job working for our local park department. One of my co-workers was a guy named Benny, whose only claim to fame was a very large penis. He kept a snapshot of it in his wallet and liked to show it to everyone he worked with. He had no teeth and was illiterate. I can still remember him flashing his proud, self-satisfied, gummy smile, when, on being shown his photo, we’d politely say things like: “That’s really a big one, Benny!” or “Wow, that’s a doozy, Ben!”

    Benny never claimed to be multi-orgasmic however.

  14. lit major Says:

    I’m sure the necessary techniques are all in a book I just read, Angela. Now I’m ready for the homework assignment!

    Happy New Year, Mistress. May 2007 be a year of good health, much happiness and great prosperity. It begins with your being greatly loved!

  15. hdb Says:

    While some will send you quotes from great books and other fine works , I send to you, from my heart, my fondest wishes for all the happiness and good health that life has to offer and also …

    The HAPPIEST OF NEW YEARS to you Ms.Angela!!!!

  16. ZenFetish » Blog Archive » A Modicum of Fame Says:

    […] First: SuperVert, who is an official Zen Savant (Deviant Savant) and very good friend, did a New Year’s eve blog entry for the loners out there (of which I was one) and mentioned the gauntlet I threw down during the holidays. Did you know that I am the first and only “official” Phone Sex Operator his site PervScan has ever had? Do you know how special that makes me feel? How grateful? How lucky? How blessed? Because Mr. Vert is simply divine in every way, dontcha know? […]

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