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Cuckold Fantasies and the “N” Word

Regarding these fantasies, excuse me while I repeat myself ‘cuz you’ve heard it from me before: Don’t try this at home.

At least that’s my personal take on these very dirty, very erotic, very hot and very taboo “phone sex adventures.” While I delight in creating each and every little filthy facet of this particular brand of mind-fuck, I do believe it should remain purely fantasy and nothing more. But then again…what do I know?

If you don’t know what cuckold means, well you really should do a search on it. It is one of the more popular topics of phone-sex conversation currently and is making a lot of money for webmasters providing videos and such. Basically, a cuckold is the male in a marriage or even boyfriend-girlfriend relationship who accepts that his female counterpart has sex with other men. From there, anything can happen. And I might add, it usually does.

Anyway, as you already know, I believe that a good fantasy (via phone or even a written bit of erotica) should be as close to real as possible. Now those who call me on the kink-O-phone know that I’m a stickler for the details, the minutia, the things around the edges that breathe life into the general desire. Put meat on the bone, so to speak.

I think I come pretty close to getting the job done. At least for a little while. Cuckolding is particularly fun for me and I think that this is because of what I said earlier: Anything can happen. And it usually does.

For example…

  • The husband may or may not participate in the actual sex between the woman and her lover.
  • If he does participate, it may be to fuck her after the lover has cum in her. Or it might be to insert the lover’s penis into his wife. Or it may be to clean up the “mess” that is left you-know-where when all is said and done.
  • The husband might be in a chastity device and denied sexual fulfillment. (Which is certainly not the case in real-life cuckold situations you can bet your bottom dollar.)
  • He might be in a chastity device but permitted to remove it once the lover has satisfied his wife/girlfriend to relieve himself in a variety of ways: Masturbating in a corner (I like this one a lot.), the wife/girlfriend masturbating him while she tells him how that “big cock” felt so good and made her cum so hard, or he may be permitted to masturbate and cum on his own face.
  • There is also many times a strain of homosexuality running through the cuckold fantasy in which the cuckold might have to suck the lover’s cock to get it hard for his wife or suck her juices off of the cock, etc.
  • The cuckold might be forced to wear panties.
  • The woman might have a baby with her lover, and the cuckold takes responsibility for raising the little hellion.
  • Humiliation can be very much a part of this fantasy, whereas the cuckold is told his “cock is too little” or “you are a poor excuse for a man” or “you have never satisfied me.”

And then besides a whole lot of other directions we might choose there is the black lover — a predominant archetype in cuckold fantasies. Me? Although I do the black thing well, I really don’t personally get it. But then, like I said earlier, what do I know? I’m just a dumb white girl from Appalachia trying to make it in the big city.

But I do abhor the “N” word; I detest it and the history of bigotry underlining it. So to have this as part of a fantasy request is difficult for me. Not too long ago a gentleman purporting to be African American/Hispanic called asking me to verbally humiliate him by calling him names which included n***er and sp**. He was extremely irate when I refused to do so.

But here is what he didn’t know and will never be smart enough to understand:

Angela St. Lawrence and the characters she creates are not one and the same. What I as a responsible person and member of the human race say and what a person in one of my fantasies says are not one and the same. In fact, the morals, values, ethics, etc. of me and the fictional he/she in the “story” are usually at totally opposite ends of the spectrum.

Of course we are all different and our feelings about this complex issue come from various emotional and personal experiences. The words we choose, what they mean to us, how we use them and why we use them evolve from those experiences and are unique to each of us.

A few years back my friend, Katie, and I were sitting in a restaurant when Jonathan and his friend, Tyler, (whom we did not know) stopped by our table to visit. Both were more than a bit inebriated and very funny. We were enjoying their company very much when Jonathan and Katie stepped away from the table for some reason. Did I mention that Jonathan and Tyler were Afro-American? Anyway, Tyler looks at me and–obviously under-the-influence stupid (we’ve been there, right?)–blurts out, “How would you like a big, purple, n***er cock?” I was floored. And embarrassed…as quite a few people at other tables heard him.

My point? Men of color –particularly young men of color– sometimes use “naughty” words. (And so do men and women under the influence. But that’s another discussion entirely.) And thus, so do some of my African American fantasy-boy-creations. They use very dirty, filthy, shocking nomenclature, adjectives, adverbs and verbiage to get their point (a small pun there) across, the deed done, the slit-slut fucked.

So, yes, if you call me with a cuckold fantasy in which a hot button for you is the “N” word, you just might hear it! Just not from me…but from Keith or Maurice or Thomas or James. Those big, bad, ebony-skinned studs with cocks that are almost always the size of small submarines, who want to fuck your wife until she walks like a cowgirl. But, certainly, never from me.

Got it? Cuz they did. (wink, wink)

Now, get outta here already.

xo, Angela

10 Responses to “Cuckold Fantasies and the “N” Word”

  1. The Continental Says:

    You are so filthy… I am in heat, in love, let us say in big trouble. Let me be your Blue Berry Muffin, your Espresso Mocha Chino.

    We could meet in Hoboken for a night of Romance and Spanish cuisine. But, as I so often do, I digress.

    Thank you for your heat, you heart, and head, Mon Magnifique Professore.

  2. booklover35 Says:

    Angie, as is so often the case, you are walking a fine line beautifully. I know how considerate and unprejudiced you are and yet I also know how committed you are to creating compelling fantasies. Once when I was acting professionally, I played a man who spewed intolerant venom that would never come out of my own mouth. But it was important to the dramatic action that his racial stereotyping be exposed accurately if the play was going to work. I think you are in the same situation – and handling it with the same professionalism. A tough call- but the impressive thing is that you are thinking it all through. That’s our Angela.

  3. Emil Kowalsky Says:

    Yeah, yeah…You’re all Miss Sensitivity with the “N” word. But when I told you I wanted a little verbal abuse you weren’t so politically correct:

    “Pick up that piano and move it over here, Emil….No! Not there, you stupid Polack…I said here! Move it over here!…What’s the matter, Emil? Don’t you know what “here” means? Got a piece of kielbasa stuck in your ear, Emil? Why are you so inattentive? Are you tired? Were you out all night bowling again, Emil? Fatigued from one of your stupid polka parties? You’re so stupid, Emil. I may have to have you screw in a light bulb…How many of you does it take to screw in a light bulb, Emil? Eh? Shall I play some more accordion music for you, Emil? Do I have to dress you in a babushka and galoshes? Maybe you need a kishka in a dark place to liven you up, eh Emil? Etc. etc.”

    Your aggrieved Polish love-slave,

    Emil Kowalsky

  4. Puzzler565 Says:

    Thanks, Angie. The point here, I think, is that if I call you with a fantasy, I’d like your help in making it seem real – at least until the call has the effect I’m hoping for. You’ve always done that for me, regardless of where I was coming from (small pun also intended.) I’ve never thought that you were the fantasy characters you helped me bring to life. And so those characters can do or say things that I know you would never do or say. My real question: when the fantasy is over, how close is the woman we talk to then to the real Angie? The woman we “know” is a pretty amazing creation in and of herself!

  5. litmajor Says:

    Some people have tried to ban Huck Finn beause Mark Twain has Huck and Jim use the N word. They would have in real life and so they should in the artist’s creation as well. PS to Mistress Angela: You are much prettier than Mark Twain.

  6. Mr. Smith Says:

    This particular blog entry really opened my eyes. There are so many aspects to what you do that I will never comprehend, nor even could imagine in the first place. But it does seem you do with both character and flair.

    Thanks for the peek behind the curtain.

  7. MetroSissy Says:

    Men and kink. No wonder women hold all the power.

  8. Luscious Lyndee Says:

    Nympho? I love that word!
    No, really…great write up, Angela!! You just keep pecking them out…

  9. Angela Says:

    Lyndee…you are too cute for words.

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