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Lingerie on the Razor-Wire 3

Finally: The long awaited quasi-conclusion to this most quirky and entertaining read penned by our own cherished and beloved Pervert Q. Savant. Why quasi? Because you don’t know P. Q. like I do and I kinda-sorta like Cherie and the gang. Don’t you?

by Pervert Savant

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The Gut-Wrenching Story of a Naive Pre-Operative Transsexual Enmeshed in a Fetid Web of Corruption and Intrigue while Performing Humanitarian Services within the Sordid Confines of the Texas Penal System!

CHAPTER III: Stress-Reduction in the Warden’s Office

Prison Nurse Cherie D’Amour had just finished putting a second coat of “Love That Red” on her exceedingly long fingernails when she got word that Warden W. Lester McCobb wanted to see her. Her nails were at a critical stage and the thought of having to visit with The Warden at that juncture did not sound particularly inviting. Cherie knew, however, that important people often had to be humored.

She carefully reinserted the brush-end of the applier back into its bottle of lacquer and meticulously tightened the lid. She then splayed her fingers in front of her lips (which were tastefully lined and painted in the same ruby tint as her nails) and softly blew on them to hurry along the drying process. A summons from The Warden was an important thing, Cherie knew. But so was a proper finish on her nails.

Cherie had found the call from the Warden to be inconvenient for other reasons. She had only managed to read 8 of the “14 Secrets to Drive Your Man Wild in Bed” – the feature article of her current copy of Cosmopolitan. “Secret #8 – Cover Yourself with Hershey’s Syrup and Be Chocaholics Together!” – sounded intriguing to Cherie.

“I wonder if they have any of that Hershey’s syrup in the dining hall?” she chuckled. “I’ll have to ask Cookie the next time I see him.”

Cherie really wanted to finish the article. She was looking forward to learning what the remaining secrets were.

Her further researches were abruptly aborted, however, when she heard the prison intercom system crackle again:

“Nurse D’Amour, please report to Warden McCobb’s office immediately…Nurse D’Amour, to the Warden’s office!”

“Oh drat!” complained Cherie. “What’s The Warden in such a damned hurry for?”

Cherie blew on the ends of her fingers again despairingly, closed her open Cosmo with her elbows, and then maneuvered it to a point on the edge of her table that allowed her to grasp it without smearing her polish. She gingerly picked the magazine up without allowing her nails to touch its glossy cover and then tucked it under her armpit.

“I guess I should be thankful that The Warden waited until AFTER I waxed my bikini line, “ Cherie sniffed petulantly. “Men have no idea what we women have to go through to stay attractive. No, we just have to always be at their beck and call whenever they want us And we better look damn nice while we’re doin’ it, too.”

Remembering not to touch anything with her still-wet fingers, Cherie swiveled out of her chair and began a long saunter to the Warden’s office. When she finally reached the entryway to his office, The Warden’s secretary, Tansy Delgado, a middle-aged Hispanic woman, motioned her to come in.

“The Warden he ben wanteeng to see you all morneeng,” said Tansy. “But don’ go heen chust yet. He haf an eemportant phone call now and he tell me he coodna be deestoorbud.”

Cherie nodded understandingly at Tansy and took a seat on a poorly upholstered vinyl sofa located immediately adjacent to The Warden’s door. Cherie demurely crossed her legs at the knee and carefully reopened her Cosmo to “Secret #9: Paint a Cheerful ‘Happy Face’ on the Head of His Manhood!”

“Hmmm, I’ve never thought of doing that one, Cherie giggled. How naughty!”

“I theek heets hokay you go een now, honey,” interrupted Tansy. “The Warden’s phone a-light eet ees off. Eet looks like hee’s alla feeneesh weeth hees call.”

Cherie smiled politely to Miss Delgado, gave her a breathy “Thank yew!” and sashayed to the door that was the entrance to The Warden’s sanctum. Still unsure about the state of her polish, Cherie turned the knob extra-carefully and eased the door open.

Upon entering, the Warden, for some reason, was nowhere in sight — leaving Cherie momentarily confused.

“Warden? Warden? Are you in here?”

McCobb’s head then giraffed upwards from behind his desk.

“Godammit! Why didn’t Tansy tell me you were coming in? Just a goddamned minute!”

McCobb’s head abruptly disappeared behind his desk again. The disappearance was immediately followed by the sound of loose change tinkling and keys jangling together in pockets. There was also some muffled grunting.

Cherie, puzzled, moved to the chair in front of McCobb’s desk, smoothed her skirt, and sat down. A dog-eared copy of “Penthouse” lay open on top of McCobb’s desk. The page that was open displayed an advertisement for “Hot Barely Legal Cheerleader Phone Sex.” Cherie noted that the ad in view had been neatly circled with what appeared to be a neon-orange Magic-Marker.

Cherie had no time to read any more of the ad before McCobb’s corpulent body popped up again from behind his desk. The full view he now offered was that of the usual Warden W. Lester McCobb, except that — as Cherie immediately noted — the fly of his pants was disturbingly agape. The opening underneath his paunchy midsection was all the more noticeable due to a swatch of shiny fabric that was poking though the gap. The fabric displayed, Cherie astutely noted, was in McCobb’s favorite color – “Fire-Engine Red.”

McCobb quickly picked up the open Penthouse, swept it perfunctorily into the top drawer of his desk, and then eased his plump buttocks back into his chair. He then adjusted his glasses and fixed his gaze on Cherie’s crossed legs, which faced him from another chair immediately opposite his desk.

The sight of Cherie’s legs seemed to have a calming effect on McCobb, as his earlier disturbed outrage turned swiftly apologetic.

“I’m real sorry, sugar. I didn’t mean to sound so nasty a minute ago. It’s just that the personnel situation around here sometimes gets me a little riled. I’ve told Tansy a million times to buzz me before she sends in a visitor. Damned Latinos. They never listen to nobody!”

“Oh, that’s all right, Warden. I knew yew weren’t mad at little ole me,” Cherie cooed. “Yew just have lotsa important responsibilities and all. I understand.”

“Yer darn right I do, sweet cheeks,” McCobb nodded, pleased that Cherie recognized his importance at the institution. “Not just anybody can run a prison, y’know. It takes trainin’ and brainpower. This is one high-stress profession.”

“I’m sure it is, honey. Yew don’t have to tell me. But if you’re feelin’ all stressed-out, why, yew should just come on down to the dispensary and let me give yew another one of my soothin’ massages. Didn’t my last one relax yew?”

“It did indeed, dew drop. An’ I might just take yew up on that offer real soon,” McCobb grinned, his tobacco-stained smile revealing his sincere pleasure at the prospect.

“Yes, a massage sounds real good,” McCobb chortled. “But we got some bidness to attend to right tcheer before we can get inta relievin’ my stress. Biff said yew had to patch up Alejandro Acevedo last night.”

Cherie eyed her nails warily, wondering if, by now, their deep red lacquer had at long last hardened.

“Yes sir, I did. Biff brought him down to the infirmary after he got into it with his little brother. I swear, Warden, those Mexican boys in Block Seven are a rambunctious group. You might wanta have a word with ‘em. I really don’t think they’re on the right track for full rehabilitation.”

Cherie tentatively tested her left thumbnail with the tip of her right index finger. She was pleased to see that it had completely dried.

“Well, maybe I will do just that, cupcake. But right now I’ve got a little problem with Austin about that knifin’. See, that wuz the fourth one this month. I gotta send the Superintendent another one of them goddam reports and I think when he hears about it this time they’ll be sending an inspector down pronto to poke around.. Hell, I don’t need that. I mean, WE don’t need that. After all, we’re all family here at this prison, ain’t we sweetheart?” McCobb mewled.

“Well, of course we are, Warden. Why, everyone loves yew here. No one would want yew to get into trouble with all those ole State inspectors. Where do they get off inspectin’ you, anyway? I get so tired of ’em. They’re always pokin’ their big ole noses into things that don’t concern them one bit,” Cherie concurred, still eyeing her nails but trying to sound sympathetic.

“But Warden, what can we do? Right now Alejandro has a big ole hole in his belly. An’ if those State people come down and take a peek, why they’d have to be kinda dumb not to notice it. And besides, every time they come down here they always wanta see Doc Lumley’s reports and all my nursin’ records. I mean, when they read those they’re gonna know about Alejandro. I mean, They just will.”

Her moment of polite commiseration over, Cherie turned her full focus to her other nails, noting with satisfaction, after checking them, that they were dry too.

“Well, I hear what you’re sayin’ sugar-drop,” McCobb wheedled. But maybe if you and the Doc’s reports kinda downplayed what happened to Alejandro last night — well, maybe those Austin fellers wouldn’t haveta come all the way out here. Y’know what I mean? Maybe those reports could just say Alejandro had some kinda accident. Like maybe he slipped and fell on a crucifix while he was prayin’ in the chapel or something.”

At the mention of a crucifix, McCobb displayed his yellowed teeth — which lit up his pinkish face like a burst of fading sunshine. A crucifix was the only object remotely resembling anything pointed in the prison that wasn’t technically off-limits to the convicts. McCobb was pleased that he had thought of it.

“So couldn’t ya jus’ help me out on this here one lil’ ole problem? Jus’ this one time, honey?” McCobb inveigled. “Like I said, we’re all good friends here, ain’t we?”

Cherie sighed. “Well, I dunno, Warden. I mean this isn’t the first time I’ve helped yew out cuz we wuz such good friends. Remember? There was that other time when Biff hit that one con with her nightstick cuz he wasn’t movin’ fast enough for her? She busted his head open like it wuz a Halloween punkin, an he’s never been the same. Yew know that fella still thinks he’s the Virgin of Guadalupe. That time, yew had me say he slipped on his soap in the shower. I didn’t think that was right sayin’ that, but I did it for yew cuz we wuz friends and cuz yew asked.”

“Aw, yeah honey. I member that. That was real nice of ya. An’ I appreciated it. An I still appreciate it. But I jus’ need yew to do me this one other lil ole favor too. It’s jus’ a teensy ole thing to do, an’ it’ll keep those Austin boys away. Besides, don’t I always do nice things for yew?”

A flash of inspiration crossed The Warden’s sallow face and he began rooting again in the area behind his desk.

“Hey, cutie-pie, that reminds me, McCobb wheedled. I got a little somethin’ for ya. A little somethin’ from my trip to Waco. I almost forgot. Look, here it is, right tchyeer.”

McCobb emerged from behind his desk with a large package prominently swathed in Victoria’s Secret gift-wrapping.

“Awww, yew remembered, Warden. Ain’t yew the sweet one!” Cherie gurgled.

“I couldn’t get watcha wanted in that lilac color though, sugar. ‘Fire-Engine Red’ was the only one they had it in, “ McCobb lied.

“Oh …well…shoot…I guess Fire-Engine Red’ll jus’ hafta do then.” Cherie sniffed, mildly disappointed.

“I knew yew’d be a friend ta me on this, sugar, “ McCobb smarmed. “Now, yew jus’ take yore little present an’ leave that ole nursin’ report about Alejandro all to me. When it’s all typed up and pretty like, I’ll jus’ have Tansy let yew know, and yew can come on in and sign it. I’ll also have a word with Doc Lumley about his report too.”

Cherie smiled her nicest smile at the Warden, picked up her package, and started to leave.

“Wait, there’s one more thing I have for ya, sweetness,” said McCobb, rising from his chair and accompanying Cherie to the door. Lowering his voice conspiratorily, he whispered:

“I’ll maybe be down for that massage a bit later this afternoon.”

“Okey-dokey, Warden,” Cherie whispered back. “An’ I’ll have everything ready. I’ll even have Cookie warm up the Mazola Oil — jus’ the way you like.”

“Yew jus’ do that, blossom,” grinned McCobb. “An’ mebbe yew could wear that little thingie I bought ya too!”

Then, to Cherie’s surprise, The Warden reached out, grabbed her left nipple with two of his stubby fingers, and gave it an affectionate parting twist.

16 Responses to “Lingerie on the Razor-Wire 3”

  1. goodguygonebad Says:

    Yes! Cherie wins the prize, even at the expense of a little nipple-twisting. Cherie rules! Thanks, PQS, and thanks , Angela, for bringing us the conclusion.

  2. puzzler565 Says:

    I’m still not quite sure why the nipple torture gives me such a jolt, but it is one detail (among many) which brings this story to electric life. I expected a more graphic confrontation between these three strong-willed characters, but Pervert Savant appears to share Angela’s belief that some things are best left to the imagination. I’m glad to know what color Cherie will be wearing. I hope Angela’s hint that there may be more to come about Cherie, Biff and The Warden proves true!

  3. Luscious Lyndee Says:

    Hmmm, Secret #8, I like that thought!!
    Great story! I can tell, cuz my nipples got all perky at the end…

    Now, Part IV…gotta know what happens with the massage…just got to!

  4. litmajor Says:

    And Biff just gets left out at the end? Frustration to the max – for Biff and for me. But I gotta say, PQS, you had me hooked right to the very last word.

  5. booklover35 Says:

    A denouement worth waiting for! I see the arc of the story now, from our introduction to Cherie, seemingly dominated by Biff at the beginning, through to her control of the Warden at the end. A “woman” on the rise. And so, Angela, is “Fire Engine Red” the new “in” color for our fantasies?

  6. MetroSissy Says:

    Please, please, please Mr. Pervert Savant. Don’t stop now. I was dying to read this installment and tickeled pink (literally) to find it finally published. I love these people! Sienfeld behind bars. Magnificent.

  7. Mr. Smith Says:

    Top Notch stuff, no doubt. I like what Metro said: Sienfeld behind bars. Pretty damn accurate. It has been fun to read and if I get a vote I say ENCORE.

    Sincere apprectiation to both Angela for having this blog (she raises the bar, doesn’t she?) and to Pervert Q. Savant for taking the time, energy and creativity to bring us such a great exercise in intellectually-informed sexual satire.

  8. David C. Says:

    Damn! Good stuff. Funny and smartly written. I’ll be watching for more. I stop at this blog everyday. This piece is just one of the many fine reasons why.

    Thanks to Angela, Pervert Savant and all the readers making this a very cool place to be.


  9. lawyer guy Says:

    I always expected that this was the way our corrections system really worked. Thanks, Savant, for a very funny look into a not very funny institution.

  10. The Author (PQS) Says:

    Thanks for all the kind words. I sent Angela 3 episodes of “Lingerie on the Razor Wire” for a laugh and was actually sort of afraid they wouldn’t be that well received. I’m really flattered that some of you like them so much. Hell, maybe I’ll submit a few more and see what happens. Anyway, thanks again for all the kudos!

  11. Angela Says:

    ZenFans have spoken: Give us more, PQS. Now!

  12. Luscious Lyndee Says:

    Whoa…Mistress Angela says…Now!

    I say…somebody…Now!

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