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Face Slapping: Edgy, Sexy, Exciting

That is if I am the one doing the slapping.

And if it is part of a BDSM/Humiliation fantasy/role-play/scene.

Like I say about a lot of things, Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.

You can bet that smacking a whimpering sub, particularly in public, will set the tone immediately and there will be absolutely no argument as to who is boss. And I like being the boss.

And I happen to love humiliation play. Don’t look so shocked. I hate when you do that. Yes, I am smart and sweet and cute and all those nicety-nice adjectives you like to string before your elevated thoughts of me. But, as I once noted, Erotic Humiliation is Not an Oxymoron. (Tell me where you heard that before and get either a 1/2 price call or a free book by a friend of ours.)

What got me thinking about this today was reading our celebrated and esteemed Submissive Savant’s blog entry, Face Slapping as Erotic Play, which was actually an expansion upon an earlier entry, Face Slapping. Seems the original piece was still garnering questions and comments and Richard deemed it less messy to just begin the discussion anew.

Which goes to show that…contrary to what many a wanna-be princess promotes (disrespect and/or disregard for a slave’s intellect and humanity is plantation behavior, not Goddess behavior), being brilliant and being submissive are not mutually exclusive and is why Richard is the official Submissive Savant of Zen Fetish. Just ask Alexandra: Smart submissives make the most reverent and obedient pets. And as Richard notes, “a person can enjoy being humiliated in erotic play space without that bleeding over into the rest of his life.”

Which goes to show that…face slapping as a form of Dom/sub play is more popular than one might first assume.

Which goes to show that…I am neither predictable nor run-of-the-mill and never will be. So quit trying to figure me out. If family & friends, a therapist and more than a few ex-boyfriends cannot manage the task, why should you be so lucky?

Anyway, back to the face slapping.

Yvonne had stopped by and was wondering why a man would enjoy being slapped, which is a perfectly understandable inquiry, dontcha think? Didn’t you have a similar question? Richard, being a submissive man of exquisite desires, responded that, “Surprise: there’s huge psychological impact when you don’t expect it. That fits in ideally with punishment. At times I like being found at fault and chastised.”

I would just add that from a (phone fantasy) Mistress perspective, the psychological impact is, indeed, a thing of beauty. Both Top and Bottom, Mistress and Slave, Dominant and Submissive should be having a heck of a lot of fun when participating in Erotic Face Slapping. Otherwise, somebody has got something terribly wrong.

For me, the experience is on the verge of being intoxicating. And I don’t say that lightly. There is an imagined suspension of safety, of boundaries desecrated that makes it absolutely transcending. I would think a good Domina –phone or real time– would feed off of her slave’s reaction to her slap, upping the ante for both of them.

What do you think? Mistress Sky? HDB? Lyndee? David C.? Mr. Allen? PQS? Mr. Smith? Richard? Mistress V? Puzzler? Is anybody home?

And if you want to read All You Wanted to Know About Erotic Face Slapping but Were Afraid to Ask Richard and Entourage, be sure to follow the above linkage. It is, after all, where the BDSM cognoscenti are apt to be found on any given day.

xo, Angela


16 Responses to “Face Slapping: Edgy, Sexy, Exciting”

  1. HDB Says:

    Not surprising, this is yet another interesting article by Dear Ms. Angela. Who, by the way, can slap me ANYTIME. In fact, please do. And BTW? You are about as “run-of-the-mill” as Halley’s comet.

  2. Richard Says:

    Desecration / contempt captures it perfectly. Skirting that edge with someone that you know cares about you takes kink to the deepest more rewarding level.

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  4. Luscious Lyndee Says:

    Why do I keep hearing “Smack That” in my head?

    Angela and Richard…artistry in very fine print…again and again!

    Yes, okay…face slapping. Five years ago, I would have shuddered at the mere thought…Today, the thought of my four fingers and thumb outlined on a lover’s face…priceless!

    Ang…I love you! You just make me want to…”Smack That”!

  5. Puzzler565 Says:

    First: “Erotic Humiliation is not an Oxymoron” is an essay you wrote for the book SEX-Kitten: The BD/SM Issue. I hang on your every word, Angela!
    Second: face slapping, even humiliation or submission, are not my thing — so far. But you almost make them sound like fun, in that you describe them as part of a shared and mutual experience, a true love exchange, which every meaningful encounter should be. (I love your turn of phrase contrasting plantation behavior and Goddess behavior.) If the environment is right, I can see this working. Somehow I think – no – somehow I hope that we’ll carry on this conversation in private!

  6. booklover35 Says:

    Angie says “There is an imagined suspension of safety, of boundaries desecrated that makes it absolutely transcending.” Isn’t it that sense which makes all good sex play satisfying: the feeling that, together, you have safely gone somewhere very new which previously had been forbidden to you? The best calls with Angie always meet that description.

  7. Mistress V Says:

    oooo I love smack that, nice beat to smacking someone. i love that look on their face, then when i do it again. well it make Me want smack other things.
    I miss you sista and hope we can talk soon…….. hugz

  8. lit major Says:

    My face is always red when I’m with Mistress Angela; not because she slaps me but, well, just because I’m blushing or very, very excited.

  9. David C. Says:

    Very hot, indeed, Miss Angela. You’ve certainly put me in my place a time or two. And there was no doubt at my end that you thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Thanks to Richard, too. Great website/blog. Seems any man with a penchant for FemDom games would be following his blog with great interest. I am going through it now and it is rich with resources, references and Richard’s own personal journey.


  10. PQS Says:

    “Face-Slapping – Edgy, Sexy, Exciting” — well, sometimes, I guess. But you forgot to add Painful. I like to keep my fillings intact, thank you. You slap-happy souls can have your fun sans moi. Enjoy!

  11. Angela Says:


    You forget I know you well. And I just bet I could create a circumstance in which the face slapping would make you very hot.


  12. Tom Allen Says:

    Angela, face-slapping and related humiliations simply don’t reach out and grab me. In fact, I’ll confess to having a difficult time in understanding the thrill behind humiliation.

    I once read an essay by Fetish Diva Midori in which she asserts that many subs utilize humiliation play in order to learn how to strengthen their inner personalities. In one sense, dealing with humiliation in a controlled setting allows them to look fully at their own insecurities, thereby allowing them to go about some psychological rebuilding. This rather reminds me of the Rational Behaviorist models of psychology in which one is “cured” of a phobia by repeated exposure in controlled situations.

    But this wanders afield, doesn’t it?

    I was once in a relationship in which in the course of things we tried a little humiliation play. It did absolutely nothing for either of us. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but for some reason being tied down and whipped was a lot more exciting than being slapped or spit upon. I’m really not sure why, but I have never given it much thought, either.


  13. Suzy Says:

    I guess I’ve been slapping the wrong set of cheeks:) Very interesting post as the subject of dispensing erotic pain is quite fascinating, especially from a women’s point of view. Thanks!

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