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Vanilla Sex: The Original Sin

What with all this talk on the internet these days of cock harnesses, panty-licking, latex bondage, strap-ons and such it seems “vanilla” is on the verge of becoming a dirty word. Which, come to think of it, would (in a convoluted way) actually be a good thing.

At least I think so. I mean, after all, we do like dirty. Don’t we? Isn’t that how vanilla got pushed to the back of the dessert cart in the first place? Because we wanted more, more, more? First the salad bars, then wine fountains, then death by chocolate. Isn’t that kinda-sorta how we got from there to here?


If you take a very close look at what’s out there, I think you will find that more often than not there isn’t a lot of original stuff happening. It seems we still tend to be — even in our lustiest “non-vanilla” moments — creatures of habit.

Or, perhaps it is just a case of lazy sexuality: It worked before, so why try harder this time?

Or, even worse, it’s a circumstance of dull-witted wanna-be porno-preneurs providing what is basically omnomato-pornography?

All of the above occurs on more than a regular basis in the PSO community. The latest incarnation in my neck of the woods is the ignore line which invites a prospective client (aka loser, wimp, wanker) to pay (usually) big dollars to be ignored while the PSO goes about her daily life (which probably amounts to lounging in her sweatpants while watching E!).

I don’t know how this got started. But whoever thought it up first? Hoorah! Brilliant, original idea targeting a specific type of caller. Unfortunately in the realm of PSO Public Domain, the hordes have jumped upon your idea as an easy way (translation: no effort or thought needed) to fame and fortune. Some good news is that rarely do the piggy-backers get very far. They’re not smart enough to keep up the momentum and can’t produce when push comes to shove.

The savvy surfer and potential customer is not likely to invest either his time or money in what boils down to what is very Un-Original Sin. At least not for long.

Which just could be the beginning of a well-deserved renaissance for vanilla sex, the authentic Original Sin.

You do remember Adam and Eve and that pesky snake, don’t you?

xo, Angela

10 Responses to “Vanilla Sex: The Original Sin”

  1. Vanilla Savant Says:

    And so popular fashion perhaps comes briefly to my camp! I’m pleased by the pendulum swing in my direction, but even more pleased by the freshness and excitement which Angela always brings to some very traditional activities. The real point here is that any sex partner must have some commitment to the game, whatever the shared kink. The shallowness of some in the business amazes me. Hand over my wallet and be ignored? Hell- that IS something I can do at home.

  2. Mr. Smith Says:

    Come to think of it, there’s a lot to be said for original sin. Wonder why it’s gotten such a bad rap over the years?

  3. science nerd Says:

    I like vanilla! And rocky road! But not tuttifruiti….However, with the infrequency I have sex, vanilla sounds absolutely divine.

  4. puzzler565 Says:

    “Vanilla” does not equal “lazy sexuality”! Vanilla to me just means male and female, without props or fantasies that reshape those roles, doing what comes naturally. Which can be very passionate, very intense, very playful, very romantic or very athletic. And very nice. Our Miss StL is an expert at more involved fetishes, but she excels at vanilla too!

  5. R Says:

    I love all the conventional manipulations, mergings, modes and manners. But I don’t read much about them nor have any desire to write about them. Doing them has to suffice in this instance.

  6. PQS Says:

    Some of the best sex I’ve ever had was “vanilla” but memorable because of the intimacies shared before and after the grunting and the groaning. You don’t have to hang by your heels from a shower curtain to have good sex. It’s all situational. Sometimes the sex is good because it’s complementary. Like a nice little dessert instead of a heaping main course.

    As for paying someone to be ignored — well, if that gets you off, fine. Personally, I think it’s a waste of time and money. If I want to be ignored, I simply write a letter to a prominent public official.

  7. Angela Says:

    VS & PQS: Both of you made me LOL…really!

    Mr. Smith: Yah! Why has it gotten such a bad rap?

    R, Science Nerd, Puzzler (and the rest of you): I think when it is all said and done, sex is just plain fun in all its facets.

    Thanks for the commentary.

  8. MrTall Says:

    Ah, the ignore line. I don’t get the appeal either, although I did call one last week. I thought I was calling a company that delivers cable TV service in my area, but after spending way too much time on hold, I realized they are now an ignore line! At least I didn’t have to pay for the privilege…

    And vanilla is delicious.

  9. Angela Says:

    Mr. Tall! Hello. What a nice surprise.

    And…very funny.

    I have such great guys hanging out with me.

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