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Taboo Fantasy Ain’t So Bad

Despite my championing vanilla sex and a certain Vanilla Savant and regardless of the outrageously enjoyable vanilla encounters in my every day life, I happen to like taboo.

Interestingly enough, what I would deem taboo, what she would deem taboo and what you would deem taboo most likely varies considerably.

Which shouldn’t be a big deal. But when it comes to sex, it seems individuality doesn’t matter. And opinions, tastes and variances become huge deep chasms. In fact, when it comes to sex, most people (this sadly includes PSOs, Adult Webmasters and Sex Bloggers) become incredibly judgmental and intolerant of others.

In other words, my kink is okay and everybody else’s isn’t.

You’re a PERVERT and I’m not because:

  • I fantasize about my wife having sex with a dog. But you fantasize about being your wife’s piss whore.
  • I fantasize about drinking my wife’s urine. But you fantasize about raping and molesting a helpless little Catholic school girl.
  • I fantasize about teaching a young virgin about sex. But you fantasize about being a faggot cocksucker, sucking big, fat, black cock.
  • I fantasize about having a homoerotic experience with a man of color. But you fantasize about being fucked up the ass with some bitch’s strap-on.
  • I fantasize about a lovely Mistress taking me anally. But you fantasize about your nasty whore wife spreading her whore legs for some filthy, smelly mutt.


I think you get the picture. I hope you get the picture.

In my experience, taboo fantasy is not about reality. Taboo fantasy is about finding our own personal way to make sex dirty in our own minds while we masturbate. It’s different for everybody.

And I would bet the bank that the higher functioning our minds, the dirtier we need it.

I would even go farther, arguing that taboo fantasies are a healthy part of a well-balanced, functional sex life.

And just what’s so wrong with that?

xo, Angela

8 Responses to “Taboo Fantasy Ain’t So Bad”

  1. science nerd Says:

    One man’s dirt is another man’s microbial dreamscape (now I am getting personal). And, I for one, will be throwing no stones in another’s direction for fear of shattering one of the glass walls of the house within which I live. Thank you for more wisdom and adonishment, my wonderful and versatile Mistress.

  2. Gracie Passette Says:

    Just so you know I’m here, reading… seeing that you are alive…

    When are you stopping by SK?

  3. Luscious Lyndee Says:

    Excellent!! Encore!! Have missed you….

  4. booklover35 Says:

    Angela – you missed the greatest taboo of them all. I am a pervert and you are not, because my political party starts with an R and yours starts with a D!

    Actually, I doubt many of your readers will disagree on the point you make here. Whether it is a matter of tolerance, or of living in glass houses, or of being intelligent enough to see our own potential hypocrisy, your loyalists will all respect the fetishes of others. What amazes us is your ability to give those fantasies so much life!

  5. Femdom Blogs » Darkest Fantasies Says:

    […] Taboo Fantasy Ain’t So Bad […]

  6. David C. Says:

    Right Fucking On!

  7. Tom Allen Says:

    In other words, my kink is okay and everybody else’s isn’t.

    Interestingly, I’ve read some things from people active in their local BDSM scene who are totally against the “mainstreaming” of BDSM, via advertising depicting leather-clad Dommes, or crime dramas featuring Lady So&so, etc. They maintain that for many BDSMers, the big draw is that it is taboo – it’s the forbidden pleasure aspect that makes it attractive; as it becomes more acceptable (or at least, not as freaky) in the public eye, then it lessens that factor for them.

  8. jeremy Says:

    I know I have a fantasy about masticating thespians….at least I think that’s what they’re called……

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