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Short and Sweet

I really haven’t been myself in so many ways for quite a while and you who care have taken notice. And been more than generous with your comments and suggestions. Thanks so much. I think.


So today which is now winding down was kinda-sorta like the “old days” (last year) in that I just worked my little butt off –call after call, perversion after perversion– and hardly had time for anything else. It was a long day and even at times a tedious one. But most when all is said and done it was a rewarding one…just putting my nipple to the grindstone and getting the job done. Sometimes that is all that is needed to be complete. This was one of those times.

I’ve missed all my friends, callers, readers and fellow bloggers and can’t wait to catch up. Today’s busy-ness left no time for that and now all I want to do is to crawl into bed.  I do hope you understand.

In the very near future I will be publishing Chapter 4 of Pervert Savant‘s LINGERIE ON THE RAZOR-WIRE which he’s described as, “The Gut-Wrenching Story of a Naive Pre-Operative Transsexual Enmeshed in a Fetid Web of Corruption and Intrigue while Performing Humanitarian Services within the Sordid Confines of the Texas Penal System.

And remember Jerotic (Jeremy Edwards)?  Generous and productive as always, Mr. Edwards sent me a list of the latest stuff of his which can be found around the Net and included a short story for Zen readers.  More coming soon.  Fo Shizzle!

What I do know is that Mistress V had one heck of a vacation of her own and even sent me pics.  She’s given me permission to share one or two with Zensters and I will do so in the near future.  Honest Injun.  I will say this about that: My beautiful friend’s vacations differ immensely from mine.

I will be working the kink-o-phone again tomorrow.  Will you be calling?

I certainly hope so.

Nighty night.

xo, Angela

5 Responses to “Short and Sweet”

  1. SlipOfAGirl Says:

    I hope you’re feeling better. I miss you… 🙂

  2. Richard Says:

    Good to see you back and writing again electrix. If only to know that you are safe and well.

  3. David C. Says:


  4. tom Says:

    I am glad you are back…I missed you.

  5. home Says:


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