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Ignorance is Not Bliss

Just so you know. I haven’t been ignoring you.

I’ve just been wrestling with a terrible bout of allergy-related maladies (itchy eyes, sinus headaches, et al) this past week and a half. Therefore my less-than-constant availability for calls (sniffling Mistresses just aren’t that sexy…unless you have a snot fetish) and relatively sporadic blogging.

Since I’ve been taking a bunch of meds and inhaling various sinus sprays with less than stellar results, I guess I will have to consult an allergist. I will keep you posted on how it goes and –in the meantime– will be available as much as possible. I promise.

But I’m sure that while you’re waiting you can find plenty enough to keep you more than occupied. I mean it is the Internet, for gawds sake, the never-ending, always new, forever and ever born again, world wide web.

Looking for a Kinky Forum?

Submissives looking for a bit of intrigue and titillation can always visit Mistress V.

Face slapping anyone? Richard’s got the skinny.

Sissies in search of a home away from home can always visit the Pink Panty Cafe

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And of course there’s always my Flagship website, Literate Smut.

Then there’s Delia, the sexiest cross-dresser on the web today.

So that is a start, anyway. Check everything out and get back to me. Because there just might be a quiz. With a nice prize for the winner. You never know!

xo, Angela

6 Responses to “Ignorance is Not Bliss”

  1. Luscious Lyndee Says:

    Ang, sorry to hear you are feeling so terribly! I can relate to the allergies!! Everything here is about 2 inches thick in green pollen crap, and I just keep squeezing the Astelin!! It is great stuff, by the way! Get some from your Doc!! Spring has definitely Sprung, dear one!!
    Feel better quick…

  2. hot java Says:

    People who haven’t had any allergies often think those complaining of allergic symptoms are wimps or hypochondriacs..not so! Your immune system is firing 21 guns and it is miserable. Poor baby!!! Take care, precious Angela.

  3. Richard Says:

    Thanks, the forum is going surprisingly well. Perhaps it is because most of the regulars so far are smart dominant women.

    Alexandra’s plane is supposed to touch down in little over 7 hours so I better get back to making the house presentable.

  4. Angela Says:

    OMG, Richard! Alexandra and Richard together. Finally. I am so fucking happy I could spit.

  5. hdb Says:

    I never thought I was into snot, but Angela, I’d love to “tiss-ue” any day of the week.

  6. Mistress Sky Says:

    I hope you feel better soon and get this allergy thing sorted. I miss your fun side!!


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