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We Love Jerotic

Pee Date

~an erotic short story by Jeremy Edwards

Just as he started to jiggle in his desk chair, his phone lit up. Tracy.

“Hi, Donny.”   She giggled.

“Hi.” His heart raced.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to do it.”

“Me too. Can you hold on for five minutes?”

“I think so.”

“I’ll be right over.”

Tracy was a genius, thought Donny as he walked briskly across an array of quadrangles toward her dorm. They’d both needed to get a little bit of work done, on their own computers. It was her suggestion that they apply themselves to their homework until one, or both, had to pee. . . and that this would signal them to reunite in Tracy’s private bathroom and officially end the homework session in a ceremonious fashion, thereby inaugurating the recreational part of the evening.

He was holding himself by the time they bustled past the sink and tub, but he was looking forward to feeling his water continue to pulsate inside him while she went first. He gestured for her to go ahead, and Tracy grinned hungrily for him as she pulled her pants down.


Well that’s our Jerotic, AKA Jeromy Edwards: Always up to some sort of naughtiness or other.

If the above bit of joyful ribaldry twists your shorts or panties into a knot, be sure to check out our Zen-friendly bad boy at his MySpace Corner, where you can catch up on all the latest. Just don’t expect to find Jerotic, himself, there, because he is too busy making a big name for himself all over the place:

Parlez vous Francais?

Real Estate “Tour Group”

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With Adrienne

A Dinner Party

An Adult Book Store! (blush)

The Art Gallery

Almost all of those links represents a FREE erotic story, so read and masturbate to your heart’s content!

He’s really good at this, isn’t he?

xo, Angela

9 Responses to “We Love Jerotic”

  1. booklover35 Says:

    A quick check of some of these links, and I find that Angela has introduced us to another very talented writer. Not a “let me show you I can be dirty” writer, but a “let me show you that I can craft a beautiful sentence, shape an evocative paragraph” writer. Bravo, Jeremy and, as always, thank you, Angela!

  2. Mr. Smith Says:

    Excellent writing. Can we have more, please?

  3. hot java Says:

    Clearly bright attracts bright…that Angela introduces Jeremy Edwards to us makes sense and is appreciated. Lots of world wide waste out there, so many thanks for sifting out some real gems.

  4. Jeremy Edwards Says:

    Thanks, dear Angela! And thank you booklover, Mr. Smith, and hot java!

  5. SlipOfAGirl Says:

    Yes, he’s wonderful… I remember when he used to stop and play at my blog :sigh: Maybe I should tell him this, “Jeremy, stop by cuz urine my thoughts often…” 😛

    (Ditto for you too, Angela!)

  6. Angela Says:

    lol…you crazy gal.

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