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Black is Beautiful

….so very beautiful.

From photographer Fabrice Robin:


I take in the serene purity of that silky, ebony flesh–even smelling its sweetness–and cannot help but feel that I’m only a pallid substitute for what is the measure, the grandeur of full womanhood.

I found Mr. Robin’s website (thus this awesome photograph) via the blog of Alpha Domina–a woman I greatly admire and who happens to be quite the measure of a woman herself.

xo, Angela

7 Responses to “Black is Beautiful”

  1. AvonBard Says:

    The “Dark Lady” of the sonnets? Gorgeous.

  2. hot java Says:

    My Angela, beauty comes in many hues and you are the manifestation of full womanhood by any measure.

  3. Isabel Says:

    Wow. Beautiful. You have my boyfriend drooling here. Thanks…err…I think ;)…

  4. Mr. Smith Says:

    Divine. Thank you, Angela

  5. hdb Says:

    What a beautiful photo. Perfect skin: Pure lust, barely contained. The blood boils.

    You always find a way to do that, Ms.Angela.

    Thanks again.

  6. David Says:

    Isabel’s boyfriend needs to move over, because I’m drooling, too! Transcendent Erotica. Thank you.

  7. Livia Says:

    Awwww… Thank YOU for comment. I am a big fan of yours too.

    Me – “wink”

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