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He Writes Drrrrty

Very Dirty.

Even very, very dirty.

And he’s a sissy, no less. But more about that later. For now, I just want you to check out his talent. For the record, I think Sweat Shop Sissy rocks!

Half-Nekkid Sloppy Seconds

♀ works early mornings and is usually gone by the time I get home from work, but since she’s been going to school her days off are now mid-week. This past Wednesday night as I was leaving for work, she insisted that I call to wake her up when I was on my way home so she could get up and make me breakfast. I told her I’d probably be done early and was she sure she wanted to be woken up at 4:30am.   She insisted, so I called. I was a nice guy and picked her up a coffee on the way home. 

She greeted me wearing a skimpy red nightie and a smile and we had a very nice breakfast together (eggs with diced red peepers and cheese in wraps with strawberries and starfruit on the side; in case you wondered). After breakfast we had a shower together. That’s usually a night time activity for us, but she’d changed the bed the night before and really, is there anything nicer then shower clean and linen fresh? 

We were both tired, but we made love. Quietly and efficiently would probably be a good description. Not that it was without passion. It’s just we needed to get to sleep, we both know what buttons to push and we both got what we needed with a minimum of effort. We fell asleep quickly while I spooned her. My wet cock nestled between the cheeks of her ass, my hand holding her breast. 

♀ got up about two hours later to get ready for school. I played possum, watching her surreptitiously as she got ready for her day. First she peaked outside to see what kind of day it was then she picked out all her clothes and set them on her dresser. Next she examined herself in our two bedroom mirrors. She checked her breasts; frowned at the scars from her reduction and smiled at my hand print still visible on her right tit. She grabbed her belly fat with both hands and gave it a good shake. She examined her pussy then sniffed her fingers and as she was turning around to check her ass in the mirror I caught a glimpse of our dried love-making juices on her inner thighs. 

She started getting dressed; first her bra, the new white one that does up in the front and a low cut blouse. Next the purple boy shorts with the tie at the back and the tight capri jeans. She sat on the edge of the bed to pull her socks on and I grabbed her and pulled her over. You can’t imagine how horny I was from watching my wife get dressed. I was ravenous, I had to have her. I tore at her clothes. I kissed her hard. I tongue-fucked her ear. I bit her neck. I squeezed her breasts together and pushed them up to her face. I pushed one nipple into her mouth while I bit the other one. I licked and nibbled my way down, down towards her pussy. Her outer lips still had my dried cum on them, and when I spread her apart, there was already a steady stream of fresh pussy juice. I dove in and ♀ started talking. 

“My, my you certainly are an excited little boy today. Were you listening at the bedroom door when Daddy & I were making love? What have I told you about doing that? Do you like how I taste Baby? Do you like licking Daddy’s seed out of Mommy’s hot little cunt?” 

I pushed her legs up towards her chest and started licking her ass, plunging my tongue as deep into her rosebud as it could go. 

“Oh Baby, you know how much I love it when you play with my ass. You’re the only one I let do that.” 

I moved up and sucked hard on her clitty, then down through her pussy to lick the juices that had pooled on her asshole; her juices, my juices, Daddy’s juices. I wanted to crawl inside her cunt and eat her from the inside out. 

“Are you going to come all over the sheets like a sissy Baby or are you going to fuck me?” 

“Get on you knees.” 

“You’re so cute when you try to be forceful. Are you going to try and fuck me like a real…?” 

I grabbed her hips and entered her fully in one hard thrust. She gasped and didn’t say anything for a few moments; just moaned while I fucked her incredibly wet pussy. Squelch, squelch, squelch. 

“Is it me that’s got you so excited, or is it the sloppy seconds that have you so turned on Baby?” 

I felt her reach underneath and cup my balls. 

“That’s it isn’t it Baby, you just love knowing there’s another man’s cum all over your cock and balls.” 

I pulled out for a second and went back down to lick up some of the excess girl goo, finger fucked her then moved back up between her thighs. I thrust back into her cunt and started playing with her ass with my pussy lubed fingers. I worked one then two fingers into her tight asshole. I could feel the shaft of my cock through her lining. 

“You like touching yourself like that don’t you Baby? I bet you’re imagining it’s another man’s cock sliding along yours. What would be more of a turn on for you Baby, feeling another man’s cock rubbing against yours or seeing Mommy getting both her holes stuffed at once?” 

Then I did something I’ve never done before. I slapped her ass. Hard. She yelped, my hand tingled and there was a perfect red imprint of my hand on her right cheek. 

“You better not do that again, Baby. If Daddy sees marks like that on me, he’ll spank you with his belt.” 

I slapped her again and again and again until her right butt cheek was a bright rosy red. Then with the two fingers still in her ass I felt something ♀ has often described. Through her lining, I could feel my cock thicken (a lot) then stream after stream of cum being pumped into her. When I was spent, I disengaged fingers and cock and she rolled over onto her back. Her pussy was a beautiful gooey mess and her fingers were already circling her clit. 

“I really need to come now, Baby.” 

I moved up to the head of the bed and reached over to her night stand. She took my still dripping cock into her mouth while I pulled various toys out. I lay back down beside her and whispered in her ear. 

“Keep your eyes closed Mommy, I’ll help you come. You liked that as much as I did, didn’t you? You liked getting fucked by two different cocks in less then two hours, didn’t you? Guess what? I told some of my school friends about you? I told them how you let me fuck you. They didn’t believe me so I invited them over to see for themselves. You know what else? They video taped us today Mommy. I’ve got the whole thing on tape so now you’ll have to do exactly what I say or I’ll tell Daddy.” 

She kept her eyes closed and smiled, her fingers never leaving her clit, the flush on her cheeks moving slowly towards her neck. 

“All my friends are horny from watching us. You’re going to let them have their way with you, aren’t you Mommy? My first friend is Tommy, he wants you really bad.” 

And I slid her purple dildo all the way inside and slowly started fucking her. After a few moments I passed it up to her. 

“Tommy wants to fuck your mouth for awhile. Now I want you to meet Jimmy. He’s not as long as Tommy, but he’s a little thicker.” 

And I shoved the butt plug into her cunt. After a few minutes of that, 

“I think Jimmy would much rather be in your ass.” 

And I slowly worked the plug into place in her tight little ass. Tommy went into her pussy again then back to her mouth and then I introduced her to Bobby’s magic cock that could miraculously curl up like two thick fingers to stroke her G-spot. The flush on her cheeks had moved down to the tops of her breasts. 

“You love your mouth, cunt and ass all being fucked at the same time don’t you Mommy? 

“Yes Baby, I love being a slut. I love being your slut.” 

“You know what else? I told my friends if they paid me $200 each I’d let them fuck any hole they wanted. That’s right, Mommy. Now you’re my whore and it’s all on tape. You fucked Daddy and me and three strange boys all in the same morning. I’ll never need to work again. I own you now.” 

“Of fuck yes Baby, I love that you’re my pimp, I live to be your whore, I love being a cum dumpster.” 

The flush had moved all the way down to her nipples when I felt the first few flutters in her pussy and when the first big orgasm started I curled my fingers and pushed up hard against the fleshy mound of her G-spot. Her fingers were a blur on her clit and when the second big O started, I slowly eased the plug out of her ass. 

Her legs went rigid and she arched her back so she was only touching the bed with her head and heels and then she FUCKING GUSHED. It was intense. It was amazing, it was awesome. I got right down there for a front row seat. I’ve seen it in movies and read about it, but holy freakin’ doodle…we were soaked! 

When she’d finally stopped coming, there were tears on her face, her braid had come undone, she couldn’t speak and she was really, really shaking. I held her for a long time afterwards, until she came back down to earth. 

We needed to have another shower and change the bedding again. She needed a nap and was late for first class. She doesn’t think that orgasms like that should be a daily kind of thing, but she’s been in a really good mood lately. 

Who says a sissy can’t be dominate once in awhile?

*** Isn’t he awesomely naughty? Here is the permalink to the story so you can bookmark it.

I’d added SSS’s link to my Hot Blog section in the sidebar about a month ago after discovering his blog quite by accident. I was totally enamored and have been meaning to introduce Zen readers to him ever since. And I have more to share with you.

But, for now, enjoy the afterglow (you were masturbating while reading that story, weren’t you?) and we will get to that in the very near future. xo, Angela

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  2. Isabel Says:

    Mmmm… very nice. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go… errr… take care of something…

  3. Quietly Carl Says:

    Wait, Isabel. I’m right behind you.


  4. Luscious Lyndee Says:

    Oh my, my, my!!! Very niiiiiiice!!

  5. Metro Sissy Says:

    This is an excellent story and Mr. SSS should submit it to a few erotic story anthologies. I honestly believe it is has a serious chance at being included. And you, Ms. Angela, never cease to amaze me. You really have an eye? an ear? …for these things. And you’re right. His blog is an incredible read. VERY GOOD STUFF. Thanks to the both of you.

  6. hdb Says:

    S-Cubed really knows how to turn an deliciously filthy phrase. I like this, I like it a lot.

    I like it so much that I need to make a phone call to a certain young Miss.

    Hmmm … Seems Miss St. Lawrence is one very smart girl!

  7. sweat shop sissy Says:

    thanks Ms Angela for the endorsement and to everyone else for the nice comments.

  8. puzzler565 Says:

    Wow! Mistress Angela: is this a new way of “priming the pump?” Maybe not a good marketing technique; SSS’s arousing writing could lead to some very short phonecalls with you!!

    I love the way you spot real talent in the crowded adult world of the Internet! Thanks for leading us to it.

  9. Mr. Smith Says:

    I never know what to expect when I stop by. But I have to say, I’m never disappointed and usually very happy with what I find. Today, I am exceptionally happy. Great story, SSS. Thanks, Angela, for consistently bringing home the bacon.

  10. hot java Says:

    You have to admire Angela’s range in this blog. I know I do. From silly plays on words to pithy commentary to tantalizingly erotic stories to marvelous verse. Our renaissance goddess.

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