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Angelaphabet 0.5

Happy Birthday, PervScan ~ May, 2007


And a trillion more. Or at least two or three. Maybe ten or twenty.
Butter Fingers
Ceiling “Fan”
id (pussy) you catch (cock) all of that?
xtraterrestrial Sex Fetish
ucking mannequins are such cock-teasing sluts!
reen Acres is the place to be…
e’s not just another pretty face, either!
tried not to laugh, beloved Deviant Savant.
ust like Grandma used to make.
ink is in the eye of the beholder.
ittle Shop of Horrors
other knows best.
ecrophilia Variations
ops! It was an honest mistake.
enis Envy…serious penis envy
ueerly not so queer, maybe? (great piece)
eally cheap sex.
ole-ful Fetish Boy
astes just like chicken.
anguard Aesthetics – Novel Pathologies
hat would Jesus do?
XX domains (very insightful)
ou (she) can take it with you (her).
oftig Fetish

19 Responses to “Angelaphabet 0.5”

  1. David C. Says:

    A person could sure do worse than having you as a friend, Angela.

    And a very happy Birthday to Supervert. I’ve been a secret fan for quite a while now. You more than earned the birthday. Maybe even a tropical vacation.

  2. Mr. Smith Says:

    Congrats, Supervert. Kudos to Angela. It takes one to know one and all that. A Voltaire quote which I think is quite appropriate for you two:

    “By appreciation, we make excellence in others our own property.”

  3. Supervert Says:

    I’m having that little moment of breathless shock that comes when you open the door on a dark room and suddenly the lights come on, fifty people shout “Happy Birthday,” somebody puts a cone-shaped hat on your head and hands you a glass of champagne. What a surprise party, Angela. It was 100% unexpected and 1000% appreciated.

    Now please, everybody, help yourself to some cake. And Angela, have a nice big helping of my most abject love!

  4. Angela Says:

    You deserve it. You’re so much more than your public persona and your professional integrity is a business ethic for which we should all strive. Thank You!

  5. hot java Says:

    Generosity of spirit is just one of the many attributes that Angela possesses. Sharing the brilliant work of PervScan is yet another example. Thank you.

  6. science nerd Says:

    Happy Birthday, PervScan! Clearly, Angela only showcases the best talent.

  7. booklover Says:

    As an avid reader of his writings (thank you, Angela, for the chance to win these books!), let me add my birthday felicitations to Supervert. It must be wonderful to have a birthday with the one you love at a time when you are producing the art you aspire to. Cheers!

  8. general tau Says:

    Whooooppppeeeeeee! I’ll be the party favor.

  9. HDB Says:

    Have a happy birthday Supervert. Your following grows each day.

    And, here I thought I had learned my ABCs years ago.

    Thanks for the spelling lesson Angela.

  10. BIG EASY Says:

    Supervert and Angela are two of a very limited number of places I visit regularly on the web. For some reason this particular entry just tickled me pink. I think it has something to do with a “mom’s apple pie” thing. Don’t ask me to explain, but do let me say to both of you: ROCK ON!

  11. CSI fan Says:

    What a find! First Zenfetish and because of this wonderful blog, PervScan! Little Richard and I are in love. Thank you, PS, for being such an uptown guy,

  12. LucyLoose Says:

    I am only part way through this intriguing alphabet of yours, but you have shown me some first rate entries. I am fussy adding favorites to my list, but PervScan is now part of my elite. And Happy birthday.

  13. throbbert Says:

    I just love these sites and links–First rate all the way.  And Angela:  You have given a whole new meaning to the phrase “mind your Ps and Qs.”

  14. litmajor Says:

    I’m always impressed by Angie’s cleverness with these alphabet posts, but this time I got ensnared by the links she introduced. What a wild set of webpages. Congrats, Pervscan!

  15. goodguygonebad Says:

    What a great way to learn my abc’s! A, of course, will always be for “Angela.” Happy Birthday, Vert!

  16. slaveboyseven Says:

    Cool stuff. Cool sites.

  17. lawyer guy Says:

    An intriguing introduction to the many facets of SuperVert’s miscellany. Thank you for the guided tour, Mistress.

  18. puzzler565 Says:

    Where does SuperVert find all of this amazing stuff? Many thanks – and Happy Day!

  19. ZenFetish » Blog Archive » Auld Lang Syne Says:

    […] fell in love over and over again …with Bitchy Jones  …with Supervert   …with Jerotic  …with Slip of a […]

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