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Twos Day

I won’t be around for the entire day and evening. Going gambling with my mother earlier and have tentative plans for later in the day. So just a few random notes.

Mistress V has redesigned her entire site and it is simply scrumptious. Even though the new site is totally different she managed to incorporate purple, which happens to be (you should know this) her favorite color. She is also available for both long distance and real time slave training. So, if you are the submissive type, you simply must scurry right over there and check out every single thing. Make sure to take a peek at her very generous gallery for insight into her very real dominant nature, her beauty, and her humor.

Over at The Edge of Vanilla it seems that Tom nominated this blog with a very special award, The Thinking Blogger Award a while back and while simply overwhelmed with the honor, I’ve been remiss in following up.  In accepting it, I am supposed to nominate five other bloggers whom I think are worthy of the award.  The problem is that I have so many friends and colleagues blogging I don’t want to hurt somebody’s feelings by leaving them out.  So I’ve finally decided not to nominate anybody else and selfishly keep the plaque. Because I am an ego maniac with low self esteem. Not to mention passive-aggressive, anal retentive and a product of this modern Prozac Nation.

Richard, our cherished and adored Submissive Savant has started a new forum, Fetish Lore, where a group of mighty fine and high-thinking kinksters have decided that they’re “not going to take in anymore” and are about the business of killing kink cliches one by one. If you have kinky fantasies, curious fetishes, or a desire to dominate and/or be dominated, you might want to pop on over there. Members like Goddess Alexandra, Mistress 160, Vanilla Edge Tom, and many others are keeping it real, interesting and fun. It’s a very positive place and Richard welcomes anybody with an honest desire to interact and explore.

So…will you miss me? You better.

And keep your finger crossed. If I win, dinner is on me.

xo, Angela

10 Responses to “Twos Day”

  1. HDB Says:

    I hope that you and your mom are big winners on your gambling expedition. The rest of us have won big, having you in our worlds.

    Best of Luck today (and always), but even more important, enjoy your time with your mom.

  2. goodguygonebad Says:

    Enjoy the day! We’ll miss you, even if it is only for 24 hours!

  3. Tom Allen Says:

    Remember, the house always has the best odds, so you’ve really got to pack your own luck.

  4. Mr. Smith Says:

    If you lose, dinner is on me. Just name the place and time. Oh the conversations I would share with you.

  5. Mistress160 Says:

    Glad you are enjoying FetishLore – we are having a lot of fun with it!

  6. hot java Says:

    Kink on hold for 24 hours….tough, but you, my dear, are worth it.

  7. Richard Says:

    A very belated thank you for the kind mention (and all the previous ones).

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  9. ZenFetish » Blog Archive » I’m a Rock Star Says:

    […] This is a task I find extremely difficult and next to impossible. Perhaps you recall the last time I was nominated for a similar accolade when I totally and irresponsibly dropped the ball? It’s not that I’m purposely obstinate, I just really and truly hate leaving anybody out. Plus I am incredibly blessed to know many fine blogger types –both male, female and in-between (wink)– which makes it a triple hardship. After all, what is true and right about a nomination and/or nominee can change on a dime. In other words, we have our filler output (because our readers are expecting us to show up with something) and our inspired flashes of brilliance (when the muse has us by our medulla oblongatas and every word from our fingertips is magic). […]

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