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So? Spank Me Already!

Yes, I’ve been a bad girl. I admit it. Out of the blue, without any warning or fanfare I took a mini-vacation. Hey, it happens. As much as I love what I do and who I do it with, sometimes I just wanna curl up under a quilt and read a book. Which is exactly what I have been doing. Nothing more, nothing less. Okay, a bit of television here and there and a few forays out into the neighborhood. But mostly it’s been bubble baths and PJs and relaxing with some good, chewy junk food for the brain.

So while you know I prefer being the “authoritative” one in our relationship, darling, I am going to let you have your he-man, brutal way with me just this once: Put me over those Armani-clad (or is it Lee jeans today?) knees of your and just spank the hell out of my sweet little ass. Make that bum nice and red while you have the chance.


Do you feel better now? I know I sure do. But, then again, I’m the one that took the five day holiday. I should feel good.


And now: Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Blog

One thing I try to do when I take these little fiestas is to get away from technology. With PCs and telephones being an integral part of my business/professional activities and even my personal affairs (I’m still wading through mountains of email.), I just need to get away from all of it once in a while. So I actually took my phone of the hook on three of my days away and rarely came near this keyboard.

Did it do me any good? You bet. I even went to a candle party and dropped $200. Not because the candles were, in my opinion, any better than the ones I usually buy, but because my good friend, Jenna, hosted the party and my purchases helped make her little party a success.

So today I am taking calls and be-bopping around the Net, catching up here and there. I stopped over at Fetish Lore where so many interesting and articulate conversations are on-going that I could get lost there for days just “listening in.” The site is so well-rounded, with forums for just about every fetish flavor (Bondage, Psychology & Philosophy of D/s, Human Pet Play, Urolagnia, Chastity and Foot Worship…to name just a few) and Richard and company being so friendly and helpful that I don’t think I could recommend a better place to hang your kinky hat.

Which reminds me that I am adding a new quote to Zen Quotes. Goddess Alexandra uses it as her byline over at Fetish Lore and I just think it is so cute and funny and sassy: I am shinier than you. Therefore I must hit you with stuff. (Spoken like a true Goddess, wouldn’t you say?)


And last but not least, a poem from a caller who shall remain nameless:

Thought Hazing

Physically Convulsive

Hypnotically Seductive

Definitely Biometric

Broken Scale
Exploding Hale

I think he had fun, don’t you?

xo, Angela


6 Responses to “So? Spank Me Already!”

  1. David C. Says:

    I missed you, Ms. St. Lawrence. Glad you are okay and, as always, in top form.

  2. HDB Says:

    You’re such a treat Ms. St.Lawrence. And, you put 110% into your work, unlike anyone else, so taking time off just means that some folks really got a “work out” from you and you’re a bit drained and need, no, deserve the time out. Sound right to me.

    Regarding the spanking… I promise to be gentle and sign me up!

  3. Richard Says:

    Just as long as I’m the one she’s hitting.

  4. Vanilla Savant Says:

    We missed you – but the time off sounds scrumptious.

  5. Mr. Smith Says:

    Damn! I thought you might have slipped off to finally write that “great American novel” and we’d seen the last of you. But you’re back! And although you weren’t writing, you were reading. So that’s almost as good. Welcome home. Some of us, myself included, have missed you. Are you going to tell us what you were reading? Any recommendations?

  6. Tom Says:

    We know you needed the vacation and we are glad you are back.

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