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Foot Fetish


My hope is that when I finally settle down, I marry a man who has a foot fetish. Because I have a shoe fetish. Big time.

Of course, most people today are at least aware of this fetish, although perhaps many don’t truly appreciate it, questioning how someone could sexualize any body part besides the breasts, pussy and ass. Okay, maybe they can understand legs. But probably that is about as far as they can stretch their imaginations.

But, as I always tell my vanilla callers, they could do worse than developing a little foot fetish of their own. Because a man who can give a good foot massage is usually much appreciated by a woman who wears heels. We like it. It feels good. Give us bunches of it and you might just get lucky. You even just might get lucky more often!

And don’t forget to pay for our pedicures. Because we will then use our perfect, cute little feetsies to reinforce and expand your growing fetish. It is a delicious little game we will gladly play with you. Because everybody wins.

And you just might get a foot job.

And us? We get new shoes.

xo, Angela

7 Responses to “Foot Fetish”

  1. David C Says:

    I’ve always thought feet were sexy, whether bare or in a nice pair of stockings and pumps. Could you tell me more about this foot job? New shoes can easily be arranged.

  2. Richard Says:

    Feet, toes, heels, the bones, the soft skin, the tiny little muscles: each needing pampering and attention.

    Not to mention what happy times can be spent expressing adoration through the medium of what she puts on them.

    With my beloved away my heart and imagination spends lots of time at floor level or wherever her feet might be.

  3. sweat shop sissy Says:

    I file and massage ♀’s feet every night and always make sure her nails are smooth and nicely painted. It’s part of my sissy duties. I don’t think of it as a chore though, I love pampering her piggies.

  4. HDB Says:

    A pair of delicate little tootsies are quite hot and with your smoking hot ways to boot (no pun intended), wow!

    So, okay, I admit it. I’d love to spend my days (and nights) caressing and adoring your sweet little feetsies. Where is the signup sheet?

  5. jeremy Says:

    Hmm….remember VP Dan Quayle under Bush Sr.? I now know what was on his mind when he corrected the spelling of an elementary school kid…..potatoe…he was sure. Now I am too.

  6. SheenV Says:

    Love this post! I could so very much be your foot slave. To be able to serve a woman who loves her feet and allows others to love them to would be bliss!

  7. Angela Says:

    I am smiling. Sooo glad everybody liked this post. xo, Angela

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