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My Bad Reputation

So over at my erotica blog, Blistered Lips, I’ve been kinda-sorta tracking–I tend to be lazy about this stuff–my search engine traffic to see what search terms are bringing surfers to the site. I could almost blush! Or maybe I should voluntarily submit to wearing a scarlet letter. Or should I be washing my mouth out with soap? Enlightening, to say the least. Maybe I should get serious about the "professional" end of this once and for all. On second thought…nah! Some of the wordage is downright filthy, some is quite humorous, some accurately reflects my fantasy interests and some of it–I haven’t a clue as to why someone would be looking up such stuff. So, with at least some semblance of economy in mind, here is a partial list:

  • cock leash (a current passion)
  • tease and denial
  • gloved masturbation (great humiliation technique)
  • spankings for touching cock (story)
  • cuckold castration
  • tease denial
  • sucking cock (story)
  • Tease and denial
  • cock leash
  • strap-on cuckold
  • "tease & denial" +clit
  • mistress ass clit cum yes ma’am
  • tease and denial
  • sissy, panties
  • domination xxx beginning learning (he needs to check out Richard)
  • "STRAP ON" knees beg suck
  • tease and denial
  • show pussy lips
  • spanking, bad boy
  • panty jerking (story)
  • tease princess humiliation (story)
  • "you wouldn’t dare" mom spanking
  • kerrie marie
  • cuckold mistress
  • suck my beautiful cunt lips (sounds like fun)
  • pig cumming (say what?)
  • tease and denial
  • castration (story)
  • teased begging to cum denied denial (story)
  • spanked mother bedroom strap
  • cuckold tease and denial
  • cock leash
  • hand job (story)
  • tease and denial
  • blistered lips
  • swollen pussy lips
  • flash tease denial (story)
  • denied sex cum sissy
  • sister prick tease
  • castration issue femdom
  • types of pussy lips (doesn’t he know?)
  • panties tease denial
  • strap-on domination ( calling Mistress V)
  • tease denial
  • bowl-of-cum blonde (poor girl)
  • tied up and teased
  • tease and denial cuckold
  • I play with my clit as she canes me
  • she made me promise to eat cum if cuckolded
  • wife tease and denial
  • tease and denial (Are we seeing a pattern here?)
  • "spunk-soaked" orgasms (sounds messy)
  • table tease denial
  • "she spanks hard" (article)
  • stiletto in the cunt (ouch)
  • tease denial
  • tease and denial phoenix (what about Dallas? or Denver?)
  • cockleash femdom
  • "cock pig" cum balls school (there’s a school for that?)
  • hand job with ball spreader
  • tease and denial
  • femdom "cum training"
  • dangling pussy lips (eeeewe!)
  • crawl here eat my cunt bitch
  • cuckold panties
  • blistered lips (could it be?)
  • wife tease denial
  • "chastity device" dysfunction
  • femdom manservant (I could use one of these.)
  • squirt on the floor come cock strapon
  • first time cuckolding
  • Sounds in his cock (ouch-but fun)

As you see, I threw in a few comments and links. Be my guest. And BTW (by the way) — I’m working this weekend. Ring me up if you wanna see if I can live up to my bad reputation.

xo, Angela

12 Responses to “My Bad Reputation”

  1. litmajor Says:

    That’s strange. I thought the words which would lead one to Angela on the web would all be superlatives.

  2. puzzler565 Says:

    So you need a femdom manservant? Where do I apply for the job? I have a lot of experience – but all of it, now that I think about it, has been serving you!

  3. Mr. Smith Says:

    Tease and Denial. Seems you’re very popular when it comes to this; it shows up in variable formations throughout the list. It must be the Catholic school girl in you. A genetic disposition more or less. I know I feel it from you, and I’m not even a caller. Pretty powerful stuff, Miss St. Lawrence.

  4. PornoPerson Says:

    Sign me up for all of those — love the first few esp!

  5. jeremy Says:

    The divine Miss A gives us a matchless, lewd lexicon. She masters all!

  6. Metro Sissy Says:

    I just can’t get over all the different things people search for. Of course, some of my own personal searches might shock people. In fact, a few of those might have been my searches. (blush)

    Kidding aside, it is very interesting. And you really do wonder exactly what was in someone’s head when they were looking for “spunk soaked orgasms” or “chastity device dysfunction” or “pig cumming.” And I thought I was kinky!

  7. Richard Says:

    Richard just loves it when Alexandra puts on his cock leash. I know, no surprises there.

  8. goodguygonebad Says:

    One of those searches was mine! (When I needed to find Angie’s Blistered Lips site quickly!) But I’d love to explore the results if Angie turned up for every one of those inquiries.

  9. hot java Says:

    The embarrassment and fun is in the details. And you have given us lots of juicy details. Makes my worm squirm….

  10. science nerd Says:

    This list would make Joan Jett blush (the 80’s bad reputation girl….guess an early version of her would be Mae West).

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