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Ill – Literations

A certain reader, who shall remain nameless (but not guiltless) and is squiggly-wiggly enamored with the “literate” in my professional phone sex site, Literate Smut, took it upon himself to erect a virtual-effigy to me and my websites, an alphabetical list of of naughty alliterations. Being a frustrated poet, I happen to like alliterations and so…here you go (with his side comments included):

amphisexual ass play
breast bucking & fucking
cunt cracking crescendo
dip-stick, drip-stick, dick-stick
erotic, exotic enema (sooo kinky)
freaky fetish fucking
gonzo glory hole guzzling (count me out on this one)
hot hole humping
illicit inseminations
jerk the johnson to jizz
kinky keister kisser
lickable luscious labia
male membrum e-rectum (i suffer from this often)
nimble-hipped nympho
orbital oral intercourse
pecker-pumping & dumping
quim-quenching quickie
randy-dandy rim job
sado-maso mischief
teasing temptress of tele-dick-tion (Our Angela)
urge the prick to purge
voluptuous scrumptious vulgarian
wacking the one-eyed weasel
x-rated extreme reaming
yanking the doodle dandy
Zeusophobic fem domme diva (the irony of it!)

Well…I must say it does my heart good to see my callers/readers stretching their little creative wings. And it always makes me smile.

xo, Angela

8 Responses to “Ill – Literations”

  1. jeremy Says:

    Now here’s the evidence of why your blog only attracts the best people. Cunt-licking Kudos and beaver-buffing bravos to the nameless creator (and thanks to Angela for sharing…..you play nice).

  2. Metro Sissy Says:

    And plenty of pecker-pumping plaudits from the peanut gallery of prick lickers!

  3. Angela Says:

    Awe…come on! Can’t anybody else come up with some good ones. Cuz I ain’t blogging tonight and probably not tomorrow, so somebody do something to entertain the rest of us.

  4. Just Stopping By Says:

    luscious lipstick lesbian lickery
    butt-busting brutal balling
    walloping the wicked weenie
    nimbly nicking the naughty nest

    -now I feel better.

  5. Mr. Smith Says:

    Ms. St. Lawrence, are you asking us to join together and assist you in your self-proclaimed promotion of “smuttiness?”

    Allrighty, then:

    AC/DC carnal quickies
    fancy-panties facial
    rollicking rump rutting

    (It’s harder than it looks.)

  6. HDB Says:

    careful cunt kissing
    fantastic fuck festival
    labia lickers legion
    nibble nubile nipples

    It all sounds tasty to me!

  7. hot java Says:

    wanton wanker, locks liscivious lips with libidinous lesbian wet willy in hand……

  8. David C. Says:

    Better late than never. Right?

    Here you go:

    Horny Humping Harlot
    Delightfully Dirty Diva
    Jerking the Joint for Jizz
    Slamming the Stiff Salami


    Peachy-Keen Dick-Licking Cock-Sucking Fuck-O-Licious Porn Princess

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