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I’m a Rock Star

At least that’s the rumor.

Could it be? Maybe-Kinda-Sorta? If only? Dream on, Biatch?

Well, Silent Porn Star thinks I am. So there! Talk about rock stars! Compared to this woman I am a just a star-struck groupie. For a fascinating read, you really should check her out. Describing herself as “A collector, a writer, a woman” and her site as a place where “Den of a Iniquity meets Den of Antiquity,” SPS’s blog is in turn intellectually flirtatious, divinely erotic, sweetly mysterious and visually captivating; not to mention consistently inspired.

And not only does she think I rock, she’s acted on her well-placed (okay, okay…it’s all smoke & mirrors on my part, but don’t tell her) admiration and named me a Rockin’ Girl Blogger. I even get a little trophy (of sorts) to display here for God and everybody else to see (and oooh and ahhh over).


Cute thingy, dontcha agree? While I’m making light of it –because I do have a self-deprecating charm, despite my occasional Fem Domme predilections– I am thoroughly delighted. It is quite an honor, particularly considering the company I am keeping, including Gloria Brame, Gracie Passette, Slip of a Girl and Thom of Fabulon (yes he is and…don’t ask).

And so for my acceptance speech, to Silent Porn Star, Sally Fields and all of my readers: You like me! You really like me! And while I would enjoy hitting the all-night awards parties going on all over the net on this festive evening, I’m afraid I must stay behind and attend to business. Because there’s one itsy-bitsy little sniggity-snag to this award: I must nominate five other lucky lovelies to carry the torch forward.

This is a task I find extremely difficult and next to impossible. Perhaps you recall the last time I was nominated for a similar accolade when I totally and irresponsibly dropped the ball? It’s not that I’m purposely obstinate, I just really and truly hate leaving anybody out. Plus I am incredibly blessed to know many fine blogger types –both male, female and in-between (wink)– which makes it a triple hardship. After all, what is true and right about a nomination and/or nominee can change on a dime. In other words, we have our filler output (because our readers are expecting us to show up with something) and our inspired flashes of brilliance (when the muse has us by our medulla oblongatas and every word from our fingertips is magic).

But, with apologies to Tom Allen of Edge of Vanilla who was so gracious in overlooking my (as mentioned above) sin of “bloggus interuptus” after he’d generously nominated me for The Thinking Blogger Award, I am going to Strap it On and present my own choices for “Rockin’ Girl Blogger.” Drum roll, please? And so, in no particular order:

  1. Mistress V: I can never say enough good things about this Fem Domme Super Star. And it is not just a professional thing with me, it’s personal. I’ve had many interactions with this lovely lady and I’ve always found her to be generous with her time and advice, non-judgmental of my general quirkiness and a professional dynamo. When it comes to her blog, well…everybody’s reading it, with 229 readers subscribing by FeedBurner, which of course, gives only a partial picture. And, unlike many setting up shop on the Internet, she really is a Dominatrix. Ms. V is active in the Arizona fetish scene and hangs out with a lot of kinky people. Read her blog and check out the abundant display of pics. I promise you: You will be born again, caught up in the “sweevil” wonder that is Mistress V.
  2. Tasty Trixie: If you haven’t heard of Miss Trixie by now… Well, I hate to say it but you need to get with the times, dear reader! I am a super fan of this Internet Cam Goddess and her blog, The Wondering Webwhore, which has been around for a long time and inspired many women (myself included) and turned on more than a few men. You will find her wickedly smart and home-spun beautiful and –above all– extremely ethical (check out #3 and # 7) with her readers, her peers and clientèle. I would follow her to the end of the rainbow if she told me it was best. And she is so damned sexy that I swear she could make me go gay.
  3. Goddess Alexandra: Describing her blog, Sensual Sadist, as A candid look at the kink life of a Transsexual Fetish Creature, Dominant Sadist and Human being, Goddess Alexandra offers her readers a resplendent oasis where all things are possible and nobody gets hurt (unless they want to). Ranging from poignant to humorous to insightful, Ms. Alexandra’s thoughts and observations are consistently thought-provoking and always touch me deeply. There is a lot to learn from this woman. She is so compassionate and passionate, that I feel I could sit at her feet forever and never get enough of what she has to teach me…just by being herself.
  4. Isabella Valentine: A partner in crime and good friend, Isabella is a top-shelf PSO and high-profile web seductress specializing in Erotic Hypnotism. Her recorded audios are legendary; even my callers talk to me about Isabella! Because she is one self-actualized chickadee (she is a student, audio recorder, a web designer, a photographer and an artist…and who knows what else), Isabella has a lot to talk about and her blog reflects this. Being both candid and generous, Isabella gives readers personal glimpses into her daily life, features plenty of her photography and artwork, and tops it all off with bunches of FREE audio and video clips. Simply scrumptious.
  5. Sabrina Morgan: While I don’t know this young lady as well as I would like, I certainly admire her sexy intellect and well-honed ability to sling a sexy story. So much so that I’ve even featured one of her stories here. So why does this woman do it for me? Consider the title of her blog: Sabrina in Stockings. Makes you want to look, doesn’t it? Which is certainly apropos, since Sabrina is a PSO who celebrates all things feminine and the power her particular muliebrity wields over men. It’s the Art of the Tease, dontcha know? Plus, there’s the section of her blog, Full Frontal Politics, which should make any thinking man fall to his knees in lust.   Dirty and smart?   Sounds like the perfect girl to me!

So, there you have it, my 5 nominees for Rockin’ Girl Blogger. They may love me for this…or they might hate me and send me nasty emails. (Because now it’s their turn to choose 5 Rockin’ Girl Bloggers.)

But, girls, the choices I made were from my heart: I adore all of you. You’re the cream in my coffee, the twinkle in my eye, the cherry on my sundae, the angel in my pocket. Each and every one of you is a beacon…if the rest of us just follow the light, we can’t help but be better at what we do and how we do it.

xo, Angela

15 Responses to “I’m a Rock Star”

  1. puzzler565 Says:

    More assigned homework! I’ll check them all out, Angie – but then I’m coming back to you.

  2. Tom Allen Says:

    Ms. St L – It’s okay, at times so many blog memes and tags get tossed around that one can’t keep up.

    Nice list. I read a couple of them, and now I’ve got a few more. Isabella Valentine looks like my college girlfriend, so I’ll have to keep reading just for the comparison.

    Of course, you’re still the top rock in my book.

  3. Mistress V Says:

    wow, I am honored by this, and I will kick your ass fore it as well
    Hugs sweety

  4. Gracie Passette Says:

    Rockin’ Girl *and* a Thinking Blogger?! Wowza. Much deserved, naturally; but still a Wowza. 🙂

    You also are getting an additional Rockin’ Girl nod over at SK. Cuz everyone (still) there deserves it 😉

    I myself, also a Rockin’ Girl, would like an Un-Thinking Blogger Award. And I would tell you why, but then I would be thinking…

  5. Metro Sissy Says:

    Congratulations on a well-deserved honor. Your choices are simply sublime. I never even read blogs until I started reading Zen Fetish. Now I am hooked.

    Women are such interesting creatures. No wonder men adore you and some *blush* want to be you.

  6. HDB Says:

    Hurray for Silent Porn Star for noticing how special you are.

    Hurray for Angela for knowing such an eclectic group of sexy ladies.  Every woman you picked is special in a unique way.  Now I have more stuff to read, but I have a feeling I won’t be complaining.

    By the way, does this mean I have to send all of you roses?

  7. Mistress V Says:

    Oh yea and I am with Gracie on the un-thinking award, and I should get it first since I was un-thinking in my above post and wrote fore instead of for.

    golf anyone?

    Ok I am off to find My top 5 rocking girls, and maybe some hooked on phonics.

  8. Mr. Smith Says:

    This is well deserved, Angela. I found you by accident and have been reading you ever since. The women you picked are, as you said, beacons. But, then so are you.

    And Mistress V? That will teach to “drink and dominate.”

    I know, arghhhhh!

  9. Lyndee Says:

    AWESOME, congrats on your “Rock Star” status, sweets!! I have to agreee wholeheartedly, your blog does ROCK!!

    Isabella Valentine, another awesome individual… love reading about her life and enjoying her fine works! Talk about a young lady with drive…

    Miss V… Love her blog as well… gotta respect the ones that just lay it out on the table and tell shit like it is… reminds me of myself a bit, without the apparatus!!

    Will have to visit the others, but feel sure I will not be disappointed!

    Keep on rockin’, Ang!!

  10. science nerd Says:

    As always, the girl who stole my heart is generous in her acolades. You are the biggest star in my (or anyone’s) universe.

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  12. Mistress V Rocking Girl Blogger Award | Mistress V Says:

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  13. Trixie Says:

    Thanks again for the props! I just posted my own award ceremony; hope it sends you some traffic and new fans. 🙂

  14. isabella valentine Says:

    Angela, thanks for mentioning me as one of your favorite blogs! And I thought it was hilarious you said I was your partner in crime because we both like to talk about trouble don’t we? hehe… 🙂

    I like all the blogs you mentioned, and I gotta agree with you on all of them (I love Mistress V’s blog)…

    It is SOOOO hard picking just 5 top favorites when I read so many!! But these are my favorites:

    http://zenfetish.com (yours obviously)
    http://adevotedslave.livejournal.com (what’s not to love about her?)
    http://missrubykisses.livejournal.com/ (insightful phone sex journal)
    http://kaya-s.livejournal.com/ (this slave is so bare and honest)
    http://bitchyjones.com/ (she says what’s on her mind)

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