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kiss me

i watch your mouth
pure-boy rubicund
sweet-boy sugared
not kissed enough, not nearly enough
to my way of thinking
not nearly fucking enough

your lips
let me eat them
gnaw on them
spit on them
then lick it back off
then swallow it
our spit, our mouth-cum

suck on them
swallow them
bite them
fuck them with my cunt-mouth
rubicund too, rabid with need

then kiss them
kiss you
kiss me

with my real mouth
my girl mouth
my carnivore-mouth
my bitch-cannibal mouth
my slut-succubus mouth

kiss me

(a poem I wrote, hope you like it)

xo, Angela

14 Responses to “kiss me”

  1. Metro Sissy Says:

    A beautiful sexy poem. You are so talented.

  2. puzzler565 Says:

    The vocabulary of Dr. Johnson and the imagination of … ? Is there really anyone comparable to Miss Angela? Great, evocative poem.

  3. Mr. Smith Says:

    You should be published. Didn’t you say something about being featured in a book a while back? I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Anyway, I have to say that any man would love to have a woman react that strongly to him.

  4. HDB Says:

    You never fail to RAISE THE BAR. What an amazingly erotic work you have written. I have never gotten such a rise out of a poem. Woooooooooooow!

    I agree whole heartedly with Mr.Smith, you should publish your work.

  5. David C. Says:

    Hot. Very hot.

    So why aren’t publishers beating at your door? Maybe if Hillary makes it to the white house, you’ll become the new Poet Laureate. Then there will be a whole lot of shaking going on. Just want we need!

  6. Angela Says:

    Actually, I have an offer. An entire book all of my own! But, I have so much other stuff to pay attention to, catch up on and finish before I can concentrate on that. Thankfully, my wannabe publisher is wonderfully patient with me.

  7. jeremy Says:

    So for me it’s 4 Xanax…wet dream here I come!

  8. hot java Says:

    OK, gentlemen, let’s pitch in for a billboard featuring a provocative silhouette and Angela’s blog address in front of at least 4 publishing houses. She is talent awaiting discovery on a large scale.

  9. F. Blume Leide Says:

    I must say, that you have presented me with so much humor and lovely poetry. Thank you so much.
    I like your site a lot.
    T-Man, (travelling Man)

  10. The Contintental Says:

    Your words. They make me mad with lust.

    I must pour myself a a glass of champagne to calm myself.

    Bonsoir mon chéri.

  11. goodguygonebad Says:

    What amazing images! Does the paper crumple as you write, as I do when you speak?

  12. litmajor Says:

    How did I get through a whole course on Modern Poetry without at least a week on the writings of Mistress Angela? You are right up there with the greats.

  13. Denny Says:

    I love it! I like straightforward wording and the mind pictures it creates.

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