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Office Sex


This was sent to me a long time ago by a caller.  Obviously, I thought it was a keeper.  Wouldn’t you?  The artist is Ken Martin.  And yes, he has a website.

xo, Angela

4 Responses to “Office Sex”

  1. Tom Thumb Says:

    I’ve been a fan of Ken Martin’s artwork since the early 90s. This happens to be one of my favorites. Thanks for featuring his art. I hope you feature more soon. I’ll be watching.

  2. David C. Says:

    I’m off to the office, but I gotta say, NOTHING like that ever happens to me. Maybe if I start working saturdays I might get lucky?

    Nah. There’s no women in my office who come even close to looking like that. But a guy can dream.

  3. Metro Sissy Says:


  4. jeremy Says:

    Makes me want to get on top of all of my dicktation.

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