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The Dirty Truth

The Dirty Truth About Three Dirty Girls

Isn’t it great seeing great women do great things? ~Oprah Winfrey

Being female is a most awesome thing. There are bubble baths and lipstick and perfect hair and thumb rings and corsets and tankinis and skin lotions and stilettos and perfume and day spas and face scrubs and lace panties and purses and candles and mascara and baby doll pajamas and silk stockings and cut-off jeans and shoes, shoes and more shoes. We gleefully indulge ourselves, and a smart man is glad we do.

And then there are girlfriends. There is nothing better than being a female and having a girlfriend. (Come to think of it, there’s probably nothing better than being a male and having a girlfriend, but that’s for another day.)

Girlfriends come in all shapes and sizes. I occasionally share stories with you about two of my everyday girlfriends, Jenna and Nannette. There’s also Laurie, Kandy, Krista, Elizabeth and a few more. Someday I will give you the skinny about a few of their sometimes licentious, sometimes capricious, and sometimes inordinate adventures. We have plenty of time.

And then there are my ON LINE Girlfriends, among them, the three ladies I’m talking about today. ON LINE meaning they are accessible to you via there websites, blogs, and printed media which you SHOULD purchase. Why? Because all three of these girls, like my real life friends, are pretty fucking smart (I don’t do stupid; you should know that by now.) And also like my real life friends, they are beguilingly sexy.

Because the Dirty Truth is: SMART IS SEXY. But I’m sure you knew that already, didn’t you?

So why don’t we start with Chelsea, who–while not an official girlfriend of mine (I’m kinda Midge to her Barbie)–is certainly someone I admire and even–I admit it–envy. Not in the Green Monster kinda way, but in the Oh My Goddess of Ink, Quill and Parchment kinda way. Because this Brilliant Babe has been blessed by the Keyboard Gods with Kinky Fingers and writes so exquisitely about naughty things, I once said this about that: She dresses it down as everyday prose, but don’t let her fool you…her words are pure poetry.

Chelsea’s blog, is a finger licking feast of flawless writing. And while there is plenty of right-on righteous sex, why is it (this is what I ask myself) that even when she writes about absolutely anything from snot to love to pop culture every single word–hell, even the punctuation–sizzles?

This girl is rocking it, and apparently Penthouse agrees with the rest of us. Chelsea has an article, “Tough Love,” (about bedroom BDSM games) in this month’s Penthouse. Did I say I envy her? I adore her. Maybe someday she’ll let me hang out with her and Ken.

Then we have Isabel Blyss who is kicking up dirt in the Phone Sex arena (and that’s a lot of dirt) with her articulately honed belles-lettres. A writer and poetess, Isabel has a lot of things to say, whether she’s whispering dirty no-nos in your ear, expressing her erogenous vision with provocative “Mini Erotica,” or seducing us with an impassioned rhyme.

While she doesn’t brag about it, I happen to know that Isabel is an accomplished poet in her everyday life. A girl who loves words? And does Phone Sex? If I were a guy wanting my fantasy done well, I sure know who I”d be calling. And check out what her callers are saying:

  • …call her if you are looking to worship, to serve and to surrender your power to an articulate woman who will turn you into her pet and toy! Thank you, Mistress Isabel for a wonderful experience!
  • She has a high perceptiveness, intelligence, attention to detail, and a deep knowledge of the subtleties that can make or break a role play session. Simply fantastic.
  • She is smoldering hot, oozing a sexual confidence that is incredibly mesmerizing. I was caught in her web and am still shaking. Bewitching Isabel: I will be back!

What was that? You want her number? 1-800-863-5478 ext. 01939543

Which brings us to Secondhand Rose, a fairly new Phone Sex Gal who is regularly driving the kink-O-meter into the red zone with her finely-tuned tales of sensual debauchery. Rose is a seasoned author, publishing regularly in both mainstream and erotic venues. But she is keeping plenty of “good stuff” for her blog. Which makes all of us very lucky, indeed!

What I really like about Rose is her unapologetic celebration of All Things Girly; in this I find her a kindred soul. And her erotic fiction reflects this sensibility, deliciously indulging in everything from silk stockings to come-hither seduction.

There’s an easy enthusiasm in everything Rose writes, even her nonfiction, which makes visiting her blog a fun adventure, no matter what she’s up to. You might get to enjoy some smart and sassy writing or you might get to get off. What a deal! And even though she’s the new girl on the block, the boys are still talking:

  • Rose is truly gifted and hits the nail on the head every time.
  • Like the song, Rose “had me from ‘hello.'” She is a fresh breath of kinky sweetness and a real baby doll. She is seductive, flirtatious, sassy, smart and playful. And so much more. Simply incredible.
  • Great, super sexy voice, and very hot, erotic imagination!

What? You want her number, too? Geeze! 1-800-863-5478 ext. 02078203

Go ahead, you scoundrel. Go ahead and buy Penthouse and salivate over Chelsea. Then call Isabel and Rose. Just leave me sitting here. See if I care.

xo, Angela

11 Responses to “The Dirty Truth”

  1. chelsea g Says:

    Thank you so much. You are terribly sweet. I am humbled.

    chelsea g

  2. HDB Says:

    Reading your blog has become daily fodder. You never fail to amuse, entertain, titillate, and consistently promote others’ work.

    Thanks for caring and sharing.

  3. David C. Says:

    Angela, when I think of you, the lyrics from Tom Petty’s WALLS always come to mind: “…you got a heart so big, It could crush this town…”

    Talk about being “girly;” the way you champion all women, friends, competitors, associates, is a joy.  And you have such interesting ones.  Now I’m off to buy Penthouse so that I can learn something from Chelsea’s article.  Then I will probably call Rose and Isabel so I can’t put that knowledge to work.  I’ll get back to you later.  KISS

  4. Isabel Says:

    Wow! Angela, as always you are so generous (and eloquently so). I love you bunches. 😉

  5. jeremy Says:

    By inclination and time, I tend not to pursue too many of your leads, but the fact that you so eloquently and generously promote others of your genre speaks volumes about your heart. No coincidince that heart on and hard on are so phonetically close.

  6. Mr. Smith Says:

    WOW! You sure know how to pick ’em. All three are so talented and extremely sexy, yet very different. Which is why, you are right: “…there’s probably nothing better than being a male and having a girlfriend…”

    And I would gladly indulge any of the four of you with bubble bath or perfume or shoes or stockings. I’d be a fool not to.

  7. Scott in TX Says:

    Very good stuff. Thanks.

  8. Secondhand Rose Says:

    Aww, sweetie, this just made my day! I’d say my whole week, but it’s only Tuesday and you’ll likely be even sweeter to me later on — even if only in private :p

    PS My Thursday’s open 😉

  9. Metro Sissy Says:

    I want to do a threesome with you, Rose and Isabel. The icing on the cake would be if Chelsea would join in.

    Just kidding.

  10. Secondhand Rose Says:

    That would be a foursome, or with Chelsea, a fivesome 😉

  11. Isabel Says:

    Hmmm… Angela, Rose and myself all together… Is there a sissy (or man even) on this planet that could handle that?… Oh wait… I think I may just have a story brewing here… I’ll catch you all later 😉 (Metro Sissy hold onto your pants… err… panties).

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