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Kissing Her Ass

Would it really be so bad? Don’t you just want to crawl up her legs and worship that ass with your mouth?


Photo courtesy of Secondhand Rose. I haven’t a clue as to whom the ass belongs. Could be Rose’s, could be Francine’s or Blair’s or Maddie’s or Candy’s or Melinda’s…or or or.

All I know for sure…it is damn sexy. I almost want to give it a little smooch-a-roonie myself.

xo, Angela

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7 Responses to “Kissing Her Ass”

  1. HDB Says:

    Gives the expression “you’re making an ass out of yourself” a whole new meaning.

    That’s quite a tasty looking morsel. But (note “one T”), I’d drink the water you wash your feet over that hot butt any day, Angela!!!

  2. goodguygonebad Says:


  3. Porno Person Says:

    Oh my, that’s a delicious looking bum. Would love to snake my tongue up there and give her a thrill….

  4. David C. Says:

    Hey you guys! Get out of the way. I want some of that. And a double helping if that happens to belong to Rose.

    Angela, you always present us with the most erotic images, yet they are never in bad taste. What a class act you are.

  5. Mr. Smith Says:

    The perfect heart-shaped valentine. But then I’ve always had a thing for cute little rumps.

  6. hot java Says:

    Makes me want to raise a rumpus…get to the bottom of things…and then, later, in the tavern, it’s bottom’s up. My kind of day. Thanks, Angela.

  7. Slip of a Girl Says:

    That photo comes from my blog (via Poppy’s blog):

    And if Rose sent it to you… well, hush hush now :p

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