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Pervert Logic

Pervert Logic: Take the PervScan Survey

Perversity is a matter of perspective. Dontcha think? The pedophile thinks he does no harm, that he loves his little girls and boys. The cross-dresser goes back and forth from petticoat elation to autophobic purging. Men who dig bestiality will ask, “How does it hurt the dog? He seems to be having a good time.” BDSM is considered by many to be the slimy enterprise of underground misfits. I could go on…but you get the idea.

Basically, it’s my kink is better than your kink.

My take on all of this? Well, darling, I’m a Spice Girl. Which means, quite honestly: A place for everything and everything in it’s place. After a few years talking dirty on the kink-O-phone and kinda-sorta specializing in FemDom/fetish, I’ve come to believe that we just can’t help or change what turns us on, and that we all have our own inner pervert.

It might be Freudian–the id, ego and super-ego stuff. Regardless, it is our responsibility to make that dirty little id behave properly, in a way that does harm to neither ourselves or others. In other words, no kink should supersede and/or replace normal sex; those we love deserve a good old-fashioned missionary fuck now and then. And so do we. And some kink should always remain in your brain. Or shared with me (wink).

So, what do you think about all of this?

Well, it seems that SuperVert is very interested in your two cents. (Unless, of course, your inner pervert likes to shoot two pennies out of his dick.) His inquiring mind wants to know. What do you think about perversity. What’s the worst? What’s not so bad? How, when, where and why?

So why don’t you stop by and anonymously take his survey?

The thing is, Mr. Vert (AKA Deviant Savant) is up to something very special, saying that he “continues to work very diligently on some large projects you should hear about soon.” Yowza! Could it be a brand new book? Or maybe a follow up book? Maybe, if we take the survey, we’ll be in the book…at least incognito?

Or maybe it’s a book all about me?

Or maybe he’s going to ask me to marry him and is having a very expensive, very huge diamond ring made for me?

Leave me to my dreams and go take that survey.

xo, Angela

5 Responses to “Pervert Logic”

  1. litmajor Says:

    I’ll see his carats and raise him ten! (What is your ring size?)

  2. HDB Says:

    I agree whole heartedly, Angela. Most everyone thinks that their kink is normal and every other person’s kink is over the edge.

    Not everyone is as enlightened as yourself. But hey, that’s one of the reason’s that you are such a treat and privilege to know and, on happy occasions, play with.

  3. Supervert Says:

    To be clear, the idea behind the survey is not to say that one perversion is better or more preferable than another (ie “my kink is better than yours”). It’s to get at the perceived perverseness of each kink and perhaps at the underlying criteria people use when asserting that, for example, necrophilia is more perverse than voyeurism.

    Whether “we can’t help or change what turns us on” is an interesting question. There does seem to be something inevitable, even impersonal, about our titillations, as though we were bodies acting out the instructions of that inner pervert. But have you ever found that your tastes change over time? If so, how come the tastes can change but we can’t change them? So many paradoxes…

    As for Supervert’s projects, I should be more cautious about building expectations. There are some modest book projects in the works. And there will be a third volume to succeed Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish and Necrophilia Variations. It’s nearing completion — but it is difficult to say exactly when it will be complete, since I tend not to finish books but to work on them till I’m sick of them, which is slightly different.

    Meanwhile, it goes without saying that I spend my free time cutting Angela a diamond as big as the Ritz. It’s a big job, though, because the size of the rock should be proportional to my estimation for her, and that’s constantly increasing.

  4. Mr. Smith Says:

    We will wait patiently for your next book, SuperVert. We do have your websites and Angela’s blogs to keep us warm and toasty until then.

  5. jeremy Says:

    Hmmm the evolution and development of kink. Nature and nurture as usual, I think.

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