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Three in the Hand, Thirteen in the Bush

…were not talking about birds. We’re talking about creative kink in the hands of two very adept "good peoples." So pay attention, ‘cuz the news is awesome and so are the newsmakers.

The Hand:  Lyndee

As you should know by now, I’m not always perfect (shush–don’t tell the slaves). For example, I’m not the most tolerant person–at least in certain cases–and, ironically enough, intolerance is my major bitch. But I am good about celebrating my partners in crime, who are working it…in a good way. Luscious Lyndee happens to be one of those people. I mention her on occasion, and she stops by this blog quite often to leave a comment. I try to return the favor, only usually when I get over to her blog, she is yapping about sports, sports and more sports. Of which, despite being raised in the midst of a father, siblings, cousins uncles and even boyfriends who live for the game–any game, anywhere, anytime–I have neither comprehension nor interest. So it’s almost impossible for me to leave a comment of at least some import. Although she might be getting kinky with clown sex in the near future. You can bet I’ll have something to say then. Honk, honk. Last year, Lyndee expanded her enterprise to offer panty sluts and crossdressers a new place to hang out, The Pink Panty Cafe, which is an adorable little corner for all things sissified. Contrary to what you might thing, many PSOs have a special place in their hearts for sissy boys. I think it’s because they appeal to our maternal (or wicked stepmother) instincts. Well, now she’s gone and done it again–her dynasty grows as she presents a deliciously elegant new site, Earotica, where it looks like she will be offering some nice and some not so nice (x-rated? cross your dirty little fingers) essays and stories in her blog there. Maybe she’ll stop by and let us know. In the meantime, get over there and have yourself a peek-a-boo….and, of course, give her a call. Tell her Angela sent you and I expect a finder’s fee.

The Bush:   Burke

As a journalist/columnist I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Burke Heffner, the gifted photographer of Things to Look At and lucky husband of the incredibly beautiful Veronica Varlow of Danger Dame. To this day, that interview stands out as one the best times I’ve had when putting ink to notepad. Take if from me, not only is Burke a passionate artist, he is also one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Multitasking like so many of us do these days, Burke seems to always be up to something. Kinda-sorta specializing in pin-up and glamour, he works with models to build portfolios and is also available for other types of photo sessions, including events. For the amount of time, effort and talent he puts into a photo session, his rates are extremely reasonable. I personally think he is worth much more. So, in case you’re looking, make sure to read more about his services and rates. But the big news today is that Burke has put together a calendar, just in time for Christmas gift-giving: The Lovely Mistresses of George W. Bush. What a unique gift and devilishly grand idea. I know quite a few people who would get a kick out of this. One will be my staunchly republican brother, who I like to zing for his political leanings every chance I get. Featuring thirteen pin-up lovelies with names like Miss Appropriation and Miss Representation, the calendar is very tastefully done and office safe. Burke is donating a portion of the proceeds to Watchdog Organizations fighting corporate influence over our American government. He’s also extended an invitation to none profits and fund raisers. You will find an email address and phone number at his website. Again, I am just tickled pink with the idea, itself. And I know that coming from Burke, it will be top-notch all the way. Because that’s the only way he does things. So how many are you going to buy? Such fun! Thanks, Burke. xo, Angela

7 Responses to “Three in the Hand, Thirteen in the Bush”

  1. Lyndee Says:

    WOW! Thanks Angie for the recognition! You are always so good about handing out kudos, and I am always most appreciative.

    Yes, my main web site, went sports for a bit. But, I have vowed to myself and readers that “Sports Talk With Lyndee” will only happen one day a week now, and that is on Sunday! I know, I know… it all goes back to me wanting to devote my life to hanging with, and writing about the boys!

    I wanted a new site. I pondered its theme, wanting it to be a bit enigmatic. I searched the depths of my itty bitty soul, and this is what my gray matter came up with! You are right chica, there will be no sports talk on EarOtica, unless it is of the sexual nature!

    Now, about the kinky clown sex! LOL, aren’t we all clowns, so to speak? Moods with different faces? Hmmm…

    Anyway, thanks for the “hand” job… damn that felt good!! And yes, this is my WWW home away from home. You are the cream of the crop, chica!


  2. Mr. Smith Says:

    Honestly, Lyndee, I think that is your best site so far. Love the gold and black. Very classy.

    Burke’s calendar should sell very well. In fact, it could be a super seller if enough people actually hear about it. Poked around Burke’s website while I was there. Very, very nice.

  3. Lyndee Says:

    Thank you, Mr. Smith! Now, I just gotta get busy writing. Trying to maintain multiple websites is quite the chore, as I am sure our Hostess here can attest. I just don’t know how Angie does all that she does… She IS quite the achiever.

    God grant me the serenity…..

    Now, I will take that swift kick on the ass to get moving!

  4. HDB Says:

    I just browsed to Lyndee’s new site and it is quite nice, although I am not a Red Sox fan (they beat the Rockies…). Her site is nicely put together, and fun to browse.

    And Mr. Burkes site has lots of hot pics to raise the temperature.

    Angela, thanks for sharing as always, only the finest, naughtiest and most entertaining links.

  5. jeremy Says:

    Angela, generosity is, once more, your middle name. You share so nice! Thanks for the leads to new vistas for us libido stokers.

  6. booklover Says:

    Fascinating leads from a fascinating and multifaceted woman. Thanks, Angie! (And hi, Lyndee! The new site looks great!)

  7. Lyndee Says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments! And again, to Angie, for her generosities that flow so freely. Her giving truly knows no boundaries…

    Have an EarOtic day…


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