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Penis Punishment

If your prick has been naughty, then I guess it deserves a good whipping.  I mean, after all, how else is it going to learn to behave?  It isn’t like you can send it to obedience school or make it write a hundred times "I will be a good prick" or send it to bed without any supper or make it stand it in the corner.

I found this lovely piece of naughty artwork at the website, Waldo which features a collection of stories and artist’s renderings which have been featured in BDSM magazines, including spanking, gay, enema and fantasy subject matter.  Right up my alley, dontcha think?

xo, Angela   

13 Responses to “Penis Punishment”

  1. HDB Says:

    I wouldn’t mind putting my arms over my head, but, ouch.

  2. puzzler565 Says:

    oooo, that stings!

  3. Metro Sissy Says:

    You know what I always say: There’s nothing wrong with some good old-fashioned discipline now and then!

    Mistress, please, may I have another?

  4. jeremy Says:

    Soooo, this is what Angela means by beating your meat. Time to become a vegetarian me thinks.

  5. booklover Says:

    But Angie, when you’re around, mine DOES stand in the corner!

  6. Josh_1 Says:

    Rather you than me. No honestly.

  7. graemerbell Says:

    id love to havesum 1 use a horswip like that on my cock ide submit fully to letting any 1 wack wip away at and on my hard cock till i whent down or past out oo god yesssss please abuse my cock

  8. alan Says:

    I can’t get this image out of my mind. It’s SO what naughty boys who can’t control their urges (like me) deserve.

  9. Angela Says:

    You’re absolutely right, Alan. I hope your getting spanked regularly by you wife.

  10. jarsek Says:

    The uncircumcised boy should have his foreskin fully retracted before he gets his penis whipped!

  11. Frank Says:

    Oh that would be heaven! told to stand like that by a dominant woman and have my cock and balls beaten, the sharp pain so wonderful…. my cock has been so naughty

  12. You Looking for Me? | ZenFetish Says:

    […] Penis Whipping <evil grin> […]

  13. Meatloaf Says:

    A severe hand-smacking from someone who really should not be doing it to you in the first place — your mother, your sister, your grandmother, God help me! — It’s the stuff some of my disgusting dreams are made of!

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