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Auld Lang Syne

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind ?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And days o’ auld lang syne.

Despite my sassy and sometimes cocky demeanor, I do have my mushy side (leave the Bitch Slave Boys to their dreams) and Robert Burn’s song actually always causes the tears to well.  Even typing them here, the music and words ran through my head, then took a detour right straight to my heart.

I’m actually going to a party this evening, which should make your jaw drop, because New Year’s Eve with all its forced frivolity is something I normally and obstinately avoid.  Don’t worry–I won’t drink and drive.  And won’t even get drunk.  Maybe a slight buzz if the mood is right, but I do mean just right.

A fair to middling year as years go.  But I blogged and you showed up.  Some of you called and we explored your fantasies, some of you wrote emails to say hello or comment privately on a particular post, some of you commented here, some of you were silent…but I felt your presence.  

We started the year out with a (much celebrated) public lynching for chrizt’s sake.  It broke my heart.  And you understood

I got sidetracked with way too many projects and — for a while — didn’t blog as often as I should have (no new savants in 2007!  But I promise more in 2008) and you still showed up and I love you for it.

You sent me dirty pictures and I published two that I thought were super sexy here and here.  And everybody agreed with us whole-heartedly … proving that we do, indeed, know what is fucking hot! 

Our resident Pervert Savant kept us entertained with his very original and always hilarious installments of Lingerie on the Razor-Wire, The Poignant Story of a Young Pre-Operative Transsexual Forced into a Life of Twisted Sex and Degradation in the Sordid Confines of America’s Penal System!

We went to a wedding.  And I must say that you looked absolutely dapper, my darling. 

I shared with you the inter-office emails my sister, Bethany, forwarded to me — including God vs. Devil and What Men Do with Post-Its.

We went parochial and liked it so much we did it again

We got hot and bothered, down and dirty, all fired up, queer kinky and lesbian lovely.  It was downright decadent and we didn’t even have to wash out our mouths with soap afterwards.

Humiliation was the kink du jour, so I was in turn a Righteous Bitch, a Heartless Vamp, a Cuckolding Brat.  And then I laughed my ass off while you begged for mercy.  Admit it, you loved every minute of it.

I lamented and you held my hand.  I was tacky and you pretended to not notice.  I bragged about my this and that and you were happy for me. So I bragged some more and still you were happy for me.  I fucked off and you waited patiently.  I got on my soap box and you didn’t even roll your eyes.  I pontificated and you just smiled.  I bloviated and you acted like what I said mattered. I fucked around with everybody and anybody and you forgave me. Or maybe it’s just that you like to watch?

We read poetry.  We found some cuckold poetry.  And then there was the poem that made me cry the very first time read it.  And who can forget Shakespeare’s sonnets proving he was a pussy-whipped cuckold?

I kissed you.  It was very French.  Did you like it? 

I fell in love or lust  — or something in between —  over and over again …with Bitchy Jones  …with Supervert   …with Jerotic  …with Slip of a Girl  …with Sweat Shop Sissy  …with The Provocateur.

Did I say fair to middling?  On second thought, it was a simply lovely year.

xo, Angela 

15 Responses to “Auld Lang Syne”

  1. Metro Man Says:

    Oh, Miss Angela, I don’t think many of us could ever find fault with you. We held your hand, applauded, celebrated, chuckled, and had one heck of a good time.

    And I, for one, can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2008.

    Happy New Year to you and to all your other readers who make this corner of the internet so very, very special.

  2. Vanilla Savant Says:

    It was a year that would have lacked most of its sparkle and warmth if you had not been in it for me. Happy New Year, Angela! And Happy 2008 to all my fellow pilgrims.

  3. puzzler565 Says:

    What a great blog! I loved reading over all the “greatest hits” of 2007. What amazes me is the variety of it all. “Eclectic” is the adjective, I believe, our precious pearl?

  4. Sponge Bob Says:

    A stroll down memory lane. And what a stroll.


  5. HDB Says:

    Another wonderful year strolling and groovin’ down Kink Street with our own, Ms. St. Lawrence.

    Angela, thanks for being you and making that stroll so singularly special.

  6. lawyer guy Says:

    I had forgotten just how fascinating this blog has been all year long. You are a wonder, Angela. Please keep keeping our kinks kinked … and our hearts warm.

  7. backroads Says:

    You were a busy girl last year. I have a hobby blog so I know what kind of work blogs take.

    Let’s have another fair to middling year. How can we go wrong?

  8. Mr. Smith Says:

    What a great way to ring out the old and bring in the new. I’ve been a fan since finding your site by accident and, taking a little stroll through the past year with you and remembering my reactions to the various entries, well, it reminds me just what a treasure you are and how lucky we are that you are here.

    I wish you and my compatriots the best in this coming year: health, happiness and much prosperity.

  9. jeremy Says:

    We St. Lawrencians have it awfully good. Angela seems to offer up a menu of delights with infinite variation. You made last year and make this and every year special. Thank you Angela.

  10. David C. Says:

    With all the joyous holiday hoopla, that seemed to go one forever and ever and ever, I am so glad it is Wednesday, it’s all over with and I can live my normal life again. Except, of course, when I call you for the ab-normal.

    And I can read your blog. It’s a good life.

  11. Jeremy Edwards Says:

    Thanks, Angela! You are a true luminary in the erotic firmament.

    auld lang cosines (not to mention tangents),

  12. hot java Says:

    I add my thanks to Angela for playing a key role in making 2007 as good as it was and to express my eager anticipation of the erotic creativity she will conjur up in 2008 for all of us fortunate callers and readers. I think we commenters have created a pretty nice Happy New Year card for you, sweet and devilish Angela.

  13. PQS Says:

    Let me belatedly add my moniker to the list of those giving you all the deserved kudos. 2007 was a lot more pleasant for me than it might otherwise have been due to your blog, your friendship, and your sense of fun, humor, and the erotic. Let’s hope 2008 brings us a better President; an end to the war in Iraq; a new sense of urgency concerning the planet; and happier and more prosperous times for all. Happy New Year as well to everyone frequenting this interesting place!

  14. AvonBard Says:

    For some, the dawning of a New Year makes people hope for changes in their lives – but there is nothing I can hope for in the new year more than I hope for more of what 2007 and Angela brought. My resolution: not to miss a single opportunity to share in this wonderful woman’s world.

  15. Rain of Error, etc. | ZenFetish Says:

    […] sorry I missed ringing out the old with you  … you know, like we did last year?  I thought I’d shake things up this year.  Instead of my usual quiet and sober […]

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