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Queerly Funny


I know a whole bunch of guys who find the subject matter of the above cartoon the stuff of fantasy perfected.  Vanilla and straight by the light of day, they/you often whisper to me in the dark of night about prison encounters in which they/you are, of course, the one holding the briefs. 

Call it Prison Twink, Butt-Fucked Behind Bars, or whatever you want.  It’s a major fantasy and I simply delight in creating in.

If you dream it, they will cum.

So, if it’s not your cup of kink, play nice and leave my guys to their dreams.

xo, Angela

3 Responses to “Queerly Funny”

  1. Metro Man Says:

    You are a very bad girl. Nonetheless, that is very funny.

  2. Sponge Bob Says:

    True to form, “they” are much better endowed than “him.” Why does it always go that way? I think you wrote about this earlier. Something about watermelons and the twilight zone?

  3. David C. Says:

    I remember that entry, Sponge Bob. As funny as this cartoon. Angela, you are a gem.

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