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What a Way to Go

Notice from the Sweet Chariot Funeral Parlor

Marilyn L. Taylor

Due to predicted overcrowding in our
cemeteries, a new service is available
which will see to packing and storing
one’s remains in a space capsule for
eventual launching into Earth’s orbit.

–Discover Magazine

Dear Friend:  we
   Are operating at capacity
and cannot
   supply a green and grassy spot
for your tomb,
   as there is no more room. 

Instead, you are invited to entrust
   your dust
To our space-age morticians, who seal
   in stainless steel
(thanks to post-Newtonian science)
   our clients. 

Whereupon you
   (and all your shiny loved ones, too)
shall ascend
   via chartered rocketship, to spend
   very near where Heaven used to be.


Ms. Taylor’s website.

6 Responses to “What a Way to Go”

  1. HDB Says:

    Well, I always wanted to travel into space…hmmm, was hoping to “see” the sights though.

  2. PQS Says:

    Marilyn Taylor is terrific! As usual, you show great taste in what you post here. I really like the following one too:

    Aunt Eudora’s Harlequin Romance
    Marilyn Taylor

    She turns the bedlamp on. The book falls open
    in her mottled hands, and while she reads
    her mouth begins to quiver, forming words
    like “Breathless.” “Promise.” “Elope.”
    As she turns the leaves, Eudora’s cheek
    takes on a bit of bloom. Her frowzy hair
    thickens and turns gold, her dim eyes clear,
    the wattles vanish from her slender neck.
    Her waist, emerging from its ring of flesh,
    bends to the side. Breasts that used to hang
    like pockets rise and ripen; her long legs
    tremble. Her eyes close, she holds her breath–
    the steamy pages flutter by, unread,
    as lover after lover finds her bed.

  3. Mr. Smith Says:

    Now this is down-to-earth poetry anyone can get his or her head around. Thank you, PQS, for the follow up poem. I think we all have an Aunt Eudora or two in our lives. Jere’s hoping all the grand old dames find moments of flight such as these.

  4. Angela Says:

    Oh, PQS, that is just beautiful. Thank you.

    And you’re right, Mr. Smith: we all have Aunt Eudoras around the edges or maybe right even in the middle of our lives. Yes, let them all get lost in Harlequin Romances…

    …night after night after night.

    (FYI, my sister, Bethany, reads Harlequin Romances faster than they can put them out.)

  5. jeremy Says:

    Tongue in tomb, Marilyn Taylor’s piece is fun and, Angela, thanks for introducing me to yet another creative talent….never holding a candle to you, however.

  6. litmajor Says:

    Thanks for featuring an exciting new poet. I never would have found Ms. Taylor if it weren’t for zenfetish.

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