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Letter From a Submissive

With his permission, I’m sharing with you a letter I received from my "Alpha Male/SlaveBoy," whom we shall call "N."   I don’t do this sharing of personal info/exchanges often.  But his words touched me deeply and caused me to pause in gratitude and wonder, that I should be so lucky to dominate this most exquisite gentleman.

What am I grateful for …

“I am grateful for my family, I’m grateful for my friends.”

And so it goes each morning during my little ritual/mantra I take stock of the people in my life (mentioning them by name and picturing them in my mind) and take time to express to the universe my gratitude for their guidance, friendship, love, and everything else they have generously given me. I’ve added you to this list, Ms. Angela St. Lawrence, so now, quite literally, I think of you everyday.

Why do I add you to my morning mantra and to my heart, having never met you in person? The answer is so simple – because you know me. Like no other, you know all that is important of me and accept me. Sure, you know the part of me that is a financially successful professional in the business world and has his act together in normal everyday life – the part of me that is “the man.”

But more importantly you know the part of me that isn’t “all that”. You know the helpless little weakling inside me and you allow me to bring him out into the open. This is quite critical to the balance in my life you understand because if I were to keep him inside, he would adversely affect my successful everyday life…which would not be good. Releasing him out into the universe, as necessary, frees the alpha male within me to take control again and kick arse in my daily world. But to accomplish such a release and expose such vulnerability can only occur with someone as accepting and loving as you.

With each session, as you reach down into my soul and pull that worthless wimp out of me, exposing him as you verbally humiliate him, spank him, slap him, tie him down and rape him; you show me just how much you care for my well-being and how much you love me. It is for this – your loving, caring, nurturing and understanding nature – that I am grateful you are in my life…your beauty and intelligence are definite bonuses though!  😉


And to my dearest and treasured N: 

I am honored to be in your prayers and need every single one of them. 

Yes, I am both your Mistress and your friend.   And it is because of this duality, that we are able to transcend the ordinary.  This is what makes it all that we both need it to be.  I delight in knowing you and in making you mine in our own special way. 

You are as much a part of this as I am.  Because you understand the art of submission and appreciate the subtle necessities that make a relationship like this work — the give and take, the when and how, the humility and the celebration — what we are together is uniquely and only ours. 

Because of who you are and the way you’ve opened your most secret self to me, the adventure of dominating you is one to which I always look forward.    And the adventure of knowing you, every facet of you in all your life roles, is a gift to me.  But also to both of us.

xo, Angela

9 Responses to “Letter From a Submissive”

  1. Vanilla Savant Says:

    Beautiful, both of you. Thanks, N., for expressing so well our trust of and dependence on Angela. And thanks, Angela, for … well, just for being the kind of woman about whom such a letter could be written.

  2. litmajor Says:

    I’m jealous, because that is an exchange I wish I could have with Angie. But I feel the same way about her.

  3. The Professor Says:

    Yup! I hear you, litmajor. Color me Green with Envy.

  4. Mr. Smith Says:


    Deeply, intensively moving. The things spoken of in this exchange are things to heed and learn from. And I’ve gotten, just from this exchange, so much insight into the Mistress-Slave dynamic.

    Thank you, Angela for breaking your Golden Rule to publish this, and thanks to N for writing such beautiful letter, then letting you share it us.

  5. lawyer guy Says:

    To get this close to Angela, I’d be slave, I’d be sissy, I’d be absolutely anything she wanted me to be. Which makes me her slave, right? That’s fine with me.

  6. puzzler565 Says:

    I wonder how many of us feel, as N. does, that Angela knows us better than anyone else does? I certainly feel that way. Nice tribute, N., to a warm and wonderful woman.

  7. hot java Says:

    Wow! What a deeply personal, moving expose of the value all of us see in Angela. Just so well stated, N!

  8. science nerd Says:

    She who puts the art in smart is a sensual genius. N’s words are beautiful.

  9. Lyndee Says:

    What a beautiful tribute, N.

    Those of us fortunate enough, know the “Angel” in Angela, and what a gift she is to so many.

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