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Gimp Goddess

In more ways than one.

First of all my wireless mouse needs batteries.  It’s the middle of the night, so that will obviously have to wait.

But what about this knee thing going on with me?  It started Thursday morning after jogging.  I didn’t feel it actually "happen"  — meaning I returned home from my run in hale condition, with not even a clue that my knee was about to give out.  But it did.  And the pain has been spreading down my calf and up the back of my thigh.  So it’s been an on again–off again working weekend.  I thought if I took it easy this weekend (gotta appreciate a perfect excuse to laze around and read), it would fix itself.  But here it is Saturday night/Sunday morning and I’m still limping around my place.

So I guess I will be calling my doctor tomorrow.

But, limp or no limp, pain or no pain, I still put a few sissies and slave boys in their place this weekend.  Never underestimate the power of a FemDom Phone Sex Goddess.  I also teased, taunted, cuckolded and castrated.  If you’re thinking you’d like to date me, you just might want to think twice.  If I’m this dangerous when lame, can you even imagine the naughtiness I get up to when all my pistons are firing?

Speaking of reading, my latest passion is Jodi Picoult.  I even have my sister-in-law reading her, and a very special guy (you know who you are) is picking up one of her novels to read. 

Oh, the fun of it all.

And here’s Miss Picoult’s WEBSITE.  Watch her video on her latest book, A Change of Heart, and you’ll see why I find her writing so compelling.

xo, Angela

5 Responses to “Gimp Goddess”

  1. Porno Person Says:

    Feel better, hon. Seems like everyone I know is ailing at the moment.

  2. HDB Says:

    About those pistons, how does one sign up for the job.

    Seriously, feel better!

  3. booklover35 Says:

    When I have a splinter, my whole body feels bad. When Angela has a pain, a whole internet community feels down. Feel better soon, special lady.

  4. litmajor Says:

    I have to chuckle: “Gimp Goddess” sounds like the newest fetish on niteflirt! Count me in.

  5. sweat shop sissy Says:

    Dear Ms Angela;

    Is ‘Gimp Goddess’ for the boys not quite ready for ‘stump fetish’?
    OMG, that’s not what’s happened already, is it? You’re not just easing us into ‘one-legged PSO’, are you?

    My 12yr old was telling me a story about a guy who left his cat with his brother while he went to Europe. One day he gets an email from his brother saying his cat is dead. He’s very upset and tells his brother that he should have broken the news slowly. He could have said the cat was up a tree and couldn’t get down….then said we can’t get a ladder long enough…the fire dep’t doesn’t rescue cats….then I’d be prepared for the bad news.
    The next week he gets an email from his brother…just thought you should know, mom is stuck up a tree..

    I know it’s an old joke, but I’m a good dad and laughed at the end.

    I’m sure you’ll soon have a satchel of sissies clamouring to serve you. Hmmm, that’s the whole point of being a FemDom phone sex Goddess, isn’t it? I guess the difference now is we all feel really bad that you’re injured.

    Get well soon,


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