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MILFs, Cougars & Age-Play

As previously noted, I do enjoy the mind fuck when it comes to these masturbatory fantasies.  Most of the time, my beloved callers are either on the same page or eagerly leaf through their book of kink until they are with me.  Which makes us all very lucky, indeed.  And happy — grinning ear to ear, delighted with the mischief we are about.

Gracious gentlemen mostly one and all, indulging my desire to teach them new tricks.  Which brings me to an age play fantasy of which I’m particularly fond, wherein an older woman takes control and/or advantage of a naive teenager.

Probably at the heart of this dirty little game is the dynamic of the powerful vs. the powerless, quite common in BDSM and FemDom circles … and even under the vanilla sheets of many a married couple.  Tossing age difference into the mix is kinda-sorta like adding fuel to an already very hot flame.  Because what is a boy to do when the Naughty Neighbor or Raunchy Real Estate Agent or Seductive Professor or his older sister’s Bratty Friend decides to use and abuse him?  His dick is going to get hard, of course.  And then all bets are off.  He is basically her sex puppet and she WILL have her way with him.

And I ask you, is that so bad?  Could you handle being a sex puppet for a day?  Or maybe even a week or a year?  Okay, a year would probably wear you out and you’d want to get about the business of normal life once and for all.  But maybe we could stretch it to a month.  Or even an intermittent thing, where you go back — again and again — because she is sizzling hot, you get rock hard just thinking about her and all the wild and devious things she makes you do.  That you want to do.  That you need to do.

There are a lot of young guys who prefer the "seasoned" woman to (what can often be) the silliness of girls.  This woman is sexually charged, knows what she wants, goes after what she wants.  And all the boys in her sphere have their fingers crossed … pickmepickmepickmepickme oh, pleasepleaseplease, pick me.

Yes, I get these callers (oh, yummy, yummy, yummy) and I do a simply fine job at role-playing the wicked governess/teacher/neighbor/soccer mom/boss’s wife/neighborhood MILF quite well.  In fact, when I worked for a service and was everywoman (lactating, pregnant hermaphrodite Chantelle to barely legal Katie to Goddess Veronica to shemale Samantha), I had a quite popular persona, Lucille, who was the neighborhood’s hot-to-trot and lascivious corrupter of young men.  She was incredibly over-sexed and outrageously nasty. 

Unfortunately, the teen boys (and boys through their early thirties) just don’t get it.  They are not mature enough to comprehend that the phone experience is an adventure in F A N T A S Y.  So as quick as I get them, if I divulge my true age, I usually lose them.  Then they spend way too much money hopping around trying to get it just right.  Because they want a "real" MILF/Cougar/Older Woman, they are missing all the fun they could have had if they’d only allowed my wicked mind to have it’s devious way with them.

But then there are the full-fledged grown up men — and I do like them best-est of all.  Because they’re smart enough to know this whole phone sex thing is about fantasy; and they’re wise enough to know that they are looking for "talent" as opposed to "reality."  So we reverse our actual ages, with me becoming the manipulative, corrupt, Svengali-esque witchy woman teasing and taunting their youthful alter ego (ah … those were the days, eh?) until their teenage dicks become Pavlovian divining rods pointed straight at me.  And I have my way with them over and over and over.  I’m insatiable, dontcha know?

Sometimes I feel guilty about loving my work so much.

xo, Angela

9 Responses to “MILFs, Cougars & Age-Play”

  1. HDB Says:

    Mommy, sign me up, and I’ve got a long ball of string to attach to this puppet’s (you finish that one)…

    As always, a treat to read.


  2. Mr. Smith Says:

    Even this gentleman of a “certain age” can appreciate the inherent sexiness of a mature woman who is comfortable and confident with where she is in life and what she has to offer.

    And I might add that I did have a few affairs with women older than myself before I settled down. I have nothing but fond thoughts and wonderful memories.

    Nice piece. (That is not a pun.)

  3. booklover35 Says:

    Right on, Angela! First, I have to say that you are a master (mistress?) of this particular fantasy; your delight in it certainly shows. Second, I think the fantasy’s attraction has something to do with the fact that there can be no guilt or feeling of responsibility if one is merely responding to the attentions of a secure woman who knows exactly what she wants and is unabashed in going after it. I can let go and just enjoy the ride. Any day, anywhere, my friend!

  4. litmajor Says:

    When can I take another course from Professor St. Lawrence? I always love her extra-credit assignments.

  5. goodguygonebad Says:

    pickme, pickme, pickme. oh, pleasepleaseplease, pick me.

  6. Vanilla Savant Says:

    Angie, I don’t think the attraction is “powerful versus powerless” but “controlling versus consenting.” In any case, it is wonderful, particularly when you are the woman in control.

  7. hot java Says:

    Pavlovian divining rod, indeed, my precious! You are Miss Divine and my rod and staff would love to comfort you…..Even without the cue, I am already salivating.

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  9. Dirty Boy Says:

    damn nice blog.. im 19, i live in a boring tiny town and im randier than is good for me lmao! if you like nasty talking or having a great time let me know.

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