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Archive for July, 2008

Gone Fishing

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Well, actually gambling with my mother — it’s her monthly treat during the warmer seasons.  I mean, after all, what’s a good daughter to do?

So I won’t be taking calls today, but you can just bet I’ll thinking about you. 


xo, Angela

That Dirty Word: Poetry

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Man Writes Poem

by Jay Leeming

This just in a man has begun writing a poem
in a small room in Brooklyn. His curtains
are apparently blowing in the breeze. We go now
to our man Harry on the scene, what’s

the story down there Harry? "Well Chuck
he has begun the second stanza and seems
to be doing fine, he’s using a blue pen, most
poets these days use blue or black ink so blue

is a fine choice. His curtains are indeed blowing
in a breeze of some kind and what’s more his radiator
is ‘whistling’ somewhat. No metaphors have been written yet,
but I’m sure he’s rummaging around down there

in the tin cans of his soul and will turn up something
for us soon. Hang on—just breaking news here Chuck,
there are ‘birds singing’ outside his window, and a car
with a bad muffler has just gone by. Yes … definitely

a confirmation on the singing birds." Excuse me Harry
but the poem seems to be taking on a very auditory quality
at this point wouldn’t you say? "Yes Chuck, you’re right,
but after years of experience I would hesitate to predict

exactly where this poem is going to go. Why I remember
being on the scene with Frost in ’47, and with Stevens in ’53,
and if there’s one thing about poems these days it’s that
hang on, something’s happening here, he’s just compared the curtains

to his mother, and he’s described the radiator as ‘Roaring deep
with the red walrus of History.’ Now that’s a key line,
especially appearing here, somewhat late in the poem,
when all of the similes are about to go home. In fact he seems

a bit knocked out with the effort of writing that line,
and who wouldn’t be? Looks like … yes, he’s put down his pen
and has gone to brush his teeth. Back to you Chuck." Well
thanks Harry. Wow, the life of the artist. That’s it for now,

but we’ll keep you informed of more details as they arise.


Even if you think you don’t like poetry, how can this one not charm the pants/panties off you? 

Thanks to my constant gardener, PQS, for sending THIS my way.  And … you can HEAR GARRISON KEILLOR  READ THE POEM OUT LOUD.  Simply scrumptious.

xo, Angela

And Then He Said …

Friday, July 25th, 2008

So I’m teasing my rather straight (but very bad boy) caller.

"I’m going to make you suck big, black cock."

He is quiet.

"Do you hear me?"

Then he answers:

"Yes, Dear Mistress, but only if it’s Barack Obama’s big, black cock."

—-Which is just a lovely example of just how smart and witty and adorable most of my callers are.

(and, yes, since you asked, I am most definitely voting for Obama — HE ROCKS!)

xo, Angela

Righteous Woman

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning,

Satan shudders & says …


Ah shit!  She’s awake!

Which one would you fuck?

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008






      Oooh, so sexy!






Or maybe you like her?                



   More your type?


Well, beloved readers, these gals all happen to be prettied-up boys.  So cross-dressing, transvestism, girl-boys, just isn’t as new as you might think. 

Want to see more?  Check out Vintage TV Lover’s FLICKR PAGES.  And he happens to be a very good friend of mine, so treat him nice.  Or else.

xo, Angela