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Erotic Blackmail


Just a few thoughts, because I’ve been asked:

Will you blackmail me?  I will send you pictures of me doing vile, disgusting things.  I will confess to you all my perversions.   I will give you all my personal information and that of those close to me.  Then make me pay you money, so that you will not expose me for the low-life degenerate I am. 


Will you call my wife with me and tell her I am in a hotel doing phone sex with you because it is better than any "real" sex I could have with her?


If I give you my boss’s phone number will you call and tell her that I am addicted to porn, can’t keep my hand off my prick and am a chronic masturbater?

First off,  I would beg to differ on the where, when, how or why that makes a certain someone a "low-life degenerate."  It’s not the fact that you eat your own cum or piss in your pantyhose or fuck your own ass with carrots and celery or hump the toilet seat you’ve named Ethel or fuck a portable pussy or jerk your dick until it is rubbed raw or whatever else you think is just so damn nasty that it makes you special.  

No, darling, what makes you  less appealing than anthrax, more disgusting than pond scum, lower than the lowliest is the fact that you — in your never-ending quest for the ultimate sexual thrill — would give personal information about yourself and others to me or some other woman you only know from her web presence (which doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in the PSO world).  I don’t care what your kink is, you just don’t have the right to involve unsuspecting others.  Be it your wife, your girlfriend, your boss, your best friend, your parents or even casual acquaintances, your penis needs be respectful, act appropriately, and know its place. 

Just what are you thinking?  How can you possibly rationalize endangering the people who trust you by involving them in your PsychoSexual Blackmail games?  People could get hurt, dontcha know?  Get a fucking grip!  In my everyday life, I certainly wouldn’t want you as a friend of mine.

Now I’m not saying that I’ve never participated in Erotic Blackmail, because I have.  It’s just that this is serious stuff, not to be approached lightly nor haphazardly.  The clients I’ve agreed to take down this dark — and I do mean D – A – R – K — road have had to earn the privilege.    I only do Financial Domination/PsychoSexual Blackmail with a small and select group of callers.  And never, ever on the fly. 

My guys are quite familiar and happy with the way I run my show.  (And it is, when it’s all said and done, my show.  I just might let a few of you think it’s yours now and again.  But never, ever underestimate the true power of a woman.  *wink*)  Which means in AngelaLand:   Safety first, kink second!  Get used to it and learn to love it, because I will protect you and yours in spite of yourself.  Even when you are so blissed out on the possibility of being exposed, that you lose perspective.  It’s part of my job description and you can bet I take it seriously.

Which doesn’t mean I can’t play hard hard as nails and make you beg for mercy.  Because if I really am going to meet your expectations and scare the living fuck out of you, I just better be able to take right to the edge of that slippery slope — so close that you feel the razor’s edge, smell the smoking remnants of your imploding life, hear your own sobs echoing back to you from the endless abyss of your new nothingness.

And then I’ll tuck you in with a kiss on the tip of your nose and a promise of even more evil to come.

… the next time.

7 Responses to “Erotic Blackmail”

  1. HDB Says:

    Always honest, always honerable. And the shoes are hot too!

  2. backroads Says:

    You tell ’em, Miss Angela. Somebody has to whip the whole bunch of us silly boys into shape. As I and more than a few others see it, you are the only woman up to the task.

    And what HDB said about the shoes: A BIG DITTO

  3. science nerd Says:

    Words of wisdom from the sharpest and sexiest mistress of the realm. And the photo is divine!

  4. The Professor Says:

    I love it when you talk dirty.

  5. booklover Says:

    An important message to be taken to heart, but, since this is Angela, it is written with warmth and humor and enough tease to get me hot and bothered … again!

  6. goodguygonebad Says:

    The tip of my nose is waiting.

  7. Under the Influence | ZenFetish Says:

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