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Spiritual Meter is Everywhere


by Rodney Jones

Over time it occurs to me
I am building a shed that will burn.
Footer and sill, whatever I do
flames blue and translates to ash.
The nail shrieks as it enters the joist
and streams out, shrieks
and drips a metal tear
from the elemental eye.

What I do not know is here.
I worship wood and the instant.
What is over, I can never finish.
The angel of work is sweat.
And still as I move the brush
many faces look back at me.
The stain vanishing into the knot
reminds me of something I forgot.


In a later entry, I will tell you were I found this absolutley astounding poem.  In the meantime:

Rodney King’s book of poetry, Salvation Blues: 100 poems, 1985–2005, is AVAILABLE AT AMAZON

About Rodney Jones AT BLACKBIRD

An interview with Rodney Jones at STORY SOUTH.

Put your weenie away and pay attention!  Are you paying attention now?  Are you feeling it?  Absorbing?  Luxuriating?  Thinking?  I hope so, because I will be asking you about this the next time we talk.

xo, Angela

4 Responses to “Spiritual Meter is Everywhere”

  1. backroads Says:

    Very nice. Thank you.

  2. science nerd Says:

    Packed verse that moves you. This is what I expect from Angela whenever she writes or shares poetry. She always delivers.

  3. litmajor Says:

    How do you keep finding these great poets, Angela? I just spent a half-hour embracing his work.

  4. Read All About It | ZenFetish Says:

    […] of mine has been leading up to.  You might remember that last month, as a PSOetry entry, I’d presented the poem, Cathedral – and said I’d be asking you about it the next time we talked.  And we have […]

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