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You Might Have a Small Penis

(For my Small Penis Humilation Junkies, adapted from the PIC blog.)

You Might Have a Small Penis if …

  • you sort through hundreds of emails in your spam folder every week, vigilantly marking every penis enlargement ad as "Not Spam."
  • women refer to your happy trail as the "trail of tears."
  • you’ve never been able to figure out why there’s a slit in your boxers.
  • a man at a bar has ever seen you, talked with you, felt your crotch, and STILL mistaken you for a woman.
  • girls affectionately refer to giving you a handjob as "pushing your button."
  • you think deep-throating is just a musical skill practiced by bass vocalists.
  • you’ve ever tried to cave your penis in on itself, and succeeded long enough to have inverse cock sex with a man.
  • it’s been mistaken for your belly button.
  • you refuse to watch porn because it’s "totally unrealistic."
  • you refer to the part of your penis below the head as the "neck."
  • you have to "look around" before you pull it out at the urinals.
  • you tell a girl to get ready for your manhood, and she giggles.
  • you tell yourself its perfectly normal to shower in your boxers in the locker room.
  • you put a condom on, and it slips off.
  • you hold your condom in place with rubber bands
  • you refer to masturbating as "pumping your sawed-off.
  • your foreskin hangs two inches past the tip…and you’re circumcised.
  • you encountered a genie and made the mistake of asking for a little head.
  • you own two sets of tweezers because one is designated solely for "unmentionables.
  • you’ve ever gotten a girl to agree to nasal sex because "well, it won’t hurt to try."
  • your girlfriend whistles It’s a Small World After All during sex.
  • your penis says YOU’RE small, but you know he’s just bitter.
  • you get blowjobs from amoebas.
  • your girlfriend brings a shrimp fork to bed.
  • you need to shave your pubes in order to urinate.
  • your girlfriend’s clit is larger than your penis.
  • your nickname has always been Little Willie 

(And if this just wasn’t any fun, well — go look at lots and lots of dirty pictures.)

5 Responses to “You Might Have a Small Penis”

  1. HDB Says:

    Some funny stuff and you can “push my button” any time you’d like maam.

  2. Sponge Bob Says:


  3. Mr. Smith Says:

    So cruel! Just look at that Bush-ette cutting the male ego to shreds. Angela, how could you team up with her? Don’t you profess to be a “bleeding heart liberal?” I’m sure those were your exact words.

    The only way you can reconcile this is to start an endowment for the un-endowed.

    I speak from apathy becase this, which should go without saying, has never been a problem of mine. *cough, cough*

  4. Angela Says:

    Yes, I am a Bleeding Heart Liberal. But how could I resist?

  5. slaveboyseven Says:

    Ummm … all of the above?

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