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Queen for a Night

… well, kinda sorta.

This is really just a quick heads up for my Cross Dressing men and their admirers (the guys who’d like to find the special surprise in those panties).  But readers of Sweat Shop Sissy and Slip of a Girl and visitor’s to Vintage TV Lover’s Flicker Collection might also want to take note.

In the newest installment of Bravo TV‘s enormously popular and award-winning Project Runway (aptly titled GOOD QUEEN FUN), the contestants design outfits for a group of (as this season’s Blayne would say) "trans-licious" drag queens.  It’s just a whole lot of fun watching Miss Understood, Annida Greenkard, Sharon Needles, Hedda Lettuce and the rest of the girls strutting their stuff in their specially designed duds.

It should come as no surprise that RuPaul is a guest judge and the flamboyant Chris March (regular viewers will remember him from last season) is kinda-sorta the master of ceremonies, which just puts the butter cream frosting on the not-such-a-fruit cake.  If you’re new to the show, pay particular attention to Tim Gunn, who’s a fashion guru and seriously nice guy.  We could all learn a lot from him.  We could even buy his book, TIM GUNN’S GUIDE TO STYLE (hardcover, of course).

The show will be repeating again tomorrow evening and (most likely)  throughout the week.  So check your local line-up to see if you can catch it

And if you love bitchy women, stick around to catch the premiere of  Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.  Tabatha Coffey is the sleekly coiffed contestant from the first season of Shear Genius who terrorized the lilliputian Tyson — and it was just so much fun to watch.  She’s bitchy, she’s haughty and she takes no prisoners.  I am so looking forward to this Goddess kicking ass and taking names with her very own show.

xo, Angela

6 Responses to “Queen for a Night”

  1. Jesse G. Says:

    My girlfriend is addicted to Bravo and she has me watching a few of the shows. I saw this episode. When Chris March walked out onto the runway at the beginning of the show I laughed my ass off. These Drag Queens have great senses of humor. We could learn something like, I dunnoh, maybe to not take ourselves so seriously???

  2. Pop Diva Says:

    Ya, with all the hype, hope Tabatha delivers. She has it in her, that’s fer shure.

    The Tabatha-Tyson rivalry was a hoot to watch, what with that weird “separated at birth” thing they both had going on with their pixie-cut ice blond hairdos.

    (love ur blog)

  3. Angela Says:

    Well, Pop Diva, thank you for stopping by. I hope you do so often and feel free to leave comments. They are always warmly welcome. I will think about you when watching Tabatha tonight.

    And Jesse G.: Bet you didn’t tell your girlfriend what you and me do. … tsk tsk, you naughty boy. (and yes, that’s a great lesson to be learned — I’m tickled that you noticed)

  4. HDB Says:

    I never know what I’m going to find when I arrive at this blog. That’s why I keep showing up.

  5. litmajor Says:

    I struggle just to read all the poetry and short stories Angela recommends. Who has time for watching TV? (Just kidding. Thanks for the eclectic recommendations. I’d miss a lot in life without your guidance.)

  6. Sweat Shop Sissy Says:

    I heard an interview with Tim Gunn a couple of weeks ago on CBC radio and I think you’re right, he really is a nice guy.

    Thanks…you know…just thanks.


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