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Cleopatra Fuck Me Pumps

And you wondered why Mark Antony was pussy-whipped.

HDB (you’ve seen his comments regularly at this blog) recently visited the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art, where he was checking out the Egyptian Exhibit.  He emailed me this picture with the subject line:

First Knock Me Down and Fuck Me Shoes.

Dontcha just love it?  Now, as HDB explained to me, these are legs to Egyptian furniture, possibly a chair or table.  But he prefers his first impression.  I’ve had such a good influence on him, don’t you think?

xo, Angela

(tons of foot, heel and stocking fetish pictures RIGHT HERE

4 Responses to “Cleopatra Fuck Me Pumps”

  1. Mr. Smith Says:

    Funny stuff. I think I’m feeling your influence too. It’s not such a bad influence.

  2. Sponge Bob Says:

    Makes me hot. But I’m easy that way; right, Miss Angela?

  3. TheProfessor Says:

    The rich dichotomy of this blog, of you, of the fantasies you weave…always leaves me breathless and wanting more.

  4. hot java Says:

    Me thinks the footwear was the inspiration for the furniture legs, so I think HDB is right on. And building the image from the footwear up is also a tantalizing passtime.

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