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Labor Day Quickie

If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day Weekend.  ~ Doug Larson

Hope you are taking it easy on this day when we celebrate American workers and the prosperity we’ve afforded George Bush.  Me?   After sleeping in ’til an obscenely late double-digit time, I took a two hour bubble bath and put on my lavender PJs,  I then spoiled myself with a healthy breakfast of a cup of java and a cigarette I purloined from  my brother.

After that I settled comfortably into my sofa to avoid picnics at all costs, eat ice cream and read a fabulous book, The Seventh Sacrament by David Hewson.   ("Brimming with realism, a touch of romance, a mystery to solve, and just a pinch of the macabre.  It is always a pleasure to recommend David Hewson’s series for the sheer joy of experiencing intelligent writing plus the added bonus of the picture-postcard visits to Italy."  –Mystery News) 

So now you kinda-sorta know how I spend my time when I’m not talking dirty.  Absolute heaven, beloved fetishists. 

Labor Day Fun:

Calculate Your Salary with Catburt

Bitch About Your Boss Right Here


American as Apple Pie Porn Surf:

FemDom Porn

Transexual Porn

Lesbian Porn

Gay Porn

Cuckold Porn

Anal Porn

I hope everybody reading this got to kick back and relax, doing your Labor Day thing your Labor Day way.  It’s back to the grindstone tomorrow, but I’ll be there too.  But you already know that don’t you?  Because you call me from your office, you naughty boy!

xo, Angela

8 Responses to “Labor Day Quickie”

  1. The Professor Says:

    Happy Labor Day, dear Angela.

  2. Pop Diva Says:

    Ha Ha that Bitchy Boss site is way too funny. Glad you had a good day Ms. Angela

  3. booklover Says:

    I actually spent Labor Day working – but it was outside, trimming bushes. Mindless work which gave me plenty of time to daydream about Angela, curled up with a book in her lavender pajamas. That’s a picture I could easily spend a whole day with. Happy Labor Day, Angela.

  4. Mr. Smith Says:

    Lavender Pajamas and a book. Mmmm. I imagine you with your hair pinned up, glasses at the end of your cute little nose, toes tucked under your perfect little bottom.

    Alas, a company emergency had me working through the holiday with little time for picnics or other such frivolity. We had a lot of rain, which eased my discontent.

  5. science nerd Says:

    Let’s see, I made dinner and took shit at home. Otherwise, a great day…glad yours was self-indulgent. You deserve it.

  6. hot java Says:

    It already seems like Labor Day was months ago…but I’m glad Angela had what sounds like a self-indulgent, great day. Well deserved mistress mia.

  7. PQS Says:

    Your opening quote reminded me of Dorothy Parker’s quip:

    “If all the girls who attended the Yale prom were laid end to end, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.”

  8. Phone Sex Gold | ZenFetish Says:

    […] Okay, so we’re almost done with this damnable long Labor Day weekend. A weekend that means absolutley nothing to me. Predictably, JewBoy is furious that I prefer to stay home working. In other words:Talking Dirty with Deviant Intellectuals, Sissy Bois and my heterogeneous assortment of perverse and fair-haired super heroes. How could I? Why would I? Honestly, I just really don’t like picnics all that much. And, really fellas & readers …. you kinda-sorta should know that already.  […]

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