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Why I Love Sweat Shop Sissy

Well, there are a lot of reasons.  But what got me started was when I read the following list the first time I found Sweat Shop Sissy’s blog.  He’s just so "normal," ya know?  Of course, I’ve known that about cross-dressers and sissy boys forever-and-a-day.  But not everybody gets it.  It’s the MY FETISH IS OKAY AND YOURS ISN’T syndrome, which just drives me absolutely-tutely nutso.

Mr. Sissy Man composed these "99 things" about himself in response to a writing assignment, which you can read about right here.  I just cherish every single item on this list, probably because it so honestly and frankly illustrates that SSS is Everyman, and that everyman is SSS … just in different undies. 

So, without further ado, let’s have at it.  And maybe you’ll have your mind opened a bit.  What the heck, try opening your heart, while you’re at it.

  1. I was born in 1963.
  2. I am a proud Canadian.
  3. When I was 15, I watched an uncle die of cancer on Christmas morning.
  4. I’m not a big fan of Christmas.
  5. I’m a fanatic non-smoker.
  6. I was a heavy pot smoker for 10 years. (somehow that was ok)
  7. I loved hallucinogens. (past tense)
  8. In high school I was voted ‘most likely to die choking on his own vomit’.
  9. I thought I’d be dead by 30. (so did lots of other people)
  10. I still drink (micro brews), but rarely to access. (rye & ginger)
  11. I was 17 the first time I asked for a vasectomy. (The doctor refused)
  12. I got fixed right after my son (now 10yrs old) was born.
  13. My 10-year relationship with his mother ended soon after that.
  14. I LOVE being a Dad.
  15. I wish he lived with me full time.
  16. I have been a ‘scratch’ baker since 1981.
  17. I worry that my body won’t hold up to the demands of another 20yrs of baking.
  18. I’ve been at the same shop since 1988.
  19. I make awesome bread. (More then 60 varieties)
  20. I work straight graveyard shifts.
  21. I got married for the first (and only) time in June 2004.
  22. We met in person 11/11/01.
  23. Her 17 yr old son lives with us.
  24. She proposed to me on her knee in a restaurant with my Dad’s wedding ring.
  25. My Dad died in 1994. So did my granny.
  26. I wish my Wife and Son had met my Granny and my Dad.
  27. The best people I have ever known are my Wife, Son and Granny. (Sorry Dad)
  28. All I know about love I’ve learned from them.
  29. I lost my virginity on a Mexican beach when I was 16.
  30. The only alter I kneel before is between my wife’s creamy white thighs.
  31. I have always been a very sexual person.
  32. I kept many of my desires secret until I met my wife.
  33. I told her before we got married that I am a cross-dresser.
  34. Her only request has been that the facial hair and body hair stays ON.
  35. We’re still having the best sex of my life.
  36. If schedules allowed we’d have sex twice a day. We average 5 or 6 times/week.
  37. We watch porn together.
  38. We go to see strippers together. (We’ve had private lap dances)
  39. I’m a sissy. Though what exactly that means is something we are still exploring.
  40. Every night I brush and braid her hair and also file and massage her feet. I keep her nails looking pretty and her pussy nicely trimmed. (just for starters.)
  41. In role-playing I’m usually submissive.
  42. She occasionally fucks me with a strap-on.
  43. I can wear the same harness to fuck her with 2 cocks.
  44. We’ve also used the harness to hold a butt plug in me for extended periods of time. I think the longest has been about 4 hours (we went to a hockey game)
  45. I wear women’s undies every day. We often wear each others.
  46. Except for 2 pair of silk boxers, she tossed out all my man undies.
  47. I have some clothes that could pass for male or female and I’ve gone out in these. The dresses and skirts are for at home only.
  48. I know it looks ridiculous.
  49. My toe nails are almost always painted.
  50. I have silicone breast forms and would love to have a nice wig.
  51. With kids still at home, my opportunities to get dressed are limited, but I doubt they’d be too surprised to find out. I’m guessing they’d prefer not to see dad dressed as a woman.
  52. We’ve fantasized about including other partners, but so far have never done it.
  53. She shaves my head bald every week.
  54. She’s given me golden showers.
  55. I go down on her during her period.
  56. I’ve come in her mouth, cunt and ass all in the same amazing day.
  57. We met on-line and still occasionally have phone and cyber sex.
  58. I introduced myself by emailing her some of my erotic stories.
  59. She thought I was weird. (Do you?)
  60. I like to write lots of things, but especially smut. 
  61. I’ve had several pieces published, both in print and on-line.
  62. Every time you masturbate, god kills a kitten. (Or a puppy)
  63. I’ve struggled with depression most of my life.
  64. The past 5yrs have been the happiest of my life. (That’s an amazing statement considering my legal woes of the past 2 years.)
  65. I have chronic lower back troubles.
  66. I like giving massages more then I like getting them.
  67. I drive a 2002 Mini Cooper. (Black w/ white roof)
  68. I don’t handle stress very well. (Especially financial)
  69. I’m a procrastinator.
  70. I read lots of fiction.
  71. I mostly watch cartoons on TV. (And porn)
  72. I also watch the NHL and the CFL.
  73. I can be a difficult person to get to know.
  74. Tact and subtlety are difficult concepts for me to grasp.
  75. I offend many people. Usually without trying. (very hard)
  76. I had my first real job when I was 10. (I’ve never been unemployed)
  77. I don’t understand having pets.
  78. I owned my first business when I was 21.
  79. I filed for personal bankruptcy when I was 24.
  80. A second business I owned also ended badly.
  81. Neither was a bakery.
  82. I would love to earn a living writing fiction.
  83. I know that that is highly unlikely.
  84. I’m a very good backgammon player.
  85. I’m a reasonably good cribbage player.
  86. I don’t like winter or being cold.
  87. I have a letter from Mr. Dressup. (a Canadian version of Mr. Rogers)
  88. When I was 16, I got a speeding ticket on my bicycle.
  89. I don’t eat anything deep-fried.
  90. I don’t consider ‘fast food’ to be real food.
  91. I’m a pretty good cook. My wife is a very good cook. My dad & granny were both professional cooks.
  92. Coke not Pepsi. I’ll eat any fresh produce except carrots. I don’t like lemonade.
  93. I listen to mostly blues and jazz.
  94. I love being by the ocean.
  95. My wife says I’m sexy. (She’s a goddess)
  96. I’ve broken teeth and toes. (my own)
  97. I have a crooked smile. (botched orthodontics)
  98. Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.
  99.  Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity; it just doesn’t work.

11 Responses to “Why I Love Sweat Shop Sissy”

  1. sweat shop sissy Says:

    Wow Ms Angela;

    Thank you so much. I have tried to be honest on my blog and it’s very nice that you noticed.
    I told ♀ early in our relationship that I really liked girly things. I wanted to be completely honest with her, but I hadn’t told anyone about it before and I really didn’t know what it meant or where it would lead. It was a couple of years later before I started identifying as a sissy. It was shortly after we discovered who (and what) I am that I started SSS. I wanted a place to chronical OUR evolution (mine as a sissy and hers as a Goddess) a place to rant and rave, sort stuff out, write dirty stories and really to celebrate US.
    Getting noticed truly wasn’t the motivation, but when it happens, espicially by someone I admire makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over.

    Thank you.


  2. PQS Says:

    Interesting compilation. It’s fascinating that 100 separated little factoids can tell us so much about a person. SSS not only comes across as pretty normal in most respects. He also presents as someone that I personally would probably find interesting to know or even enjoy having as a friend.

    It’s odd that sexual predilections can be such focal points in our lives, while at the same time, and in the overall scheme of things, be of such really minor importance. So SSS crossdresses. Big deal. In every other respect SSS is Everyman.

    Our kinks may serve to categorize us a little. But they seldom, if ever, really define us.

  3. The Professor Says:

    Good stuff, Angela. SSS is a man to be admired. Who cares what he does in the privacy of his own bedroom? Keep up the good fight, dear lady. We all need to remember to not assume, not judge, not condenscend.

    Who are we to throw a stone, when so many could be aimed at us in so many other circumstances. But we always forget that part, don’t we?

  4. Lyndee Says:

    Love SSS’s blog! I visit there a couple of times a week and really enjoy reading it. I think that SSS is/could:

    1. An AWESOME writer and could be a writer of fiction for a living.
    2. Is a very sensitive and caring family man. So what if he likes to cross-dress and some don’t “approve” of it! That’s their problem for not possessing an open and non-judgmental mind.
    3. Very LUCKY to be averaging 5-6 times a week!!
    4. Brutally honest, and that is ALWAYS the best way to be!
    5. So right about #99…so fucking senseless, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing, Ang! I had read this list already on his site, but enjoyed reading it again…

    You rock, SSS!

  5. Pop Diva Says:

    Sweat Shop Sissy Rocks!

  6. Sponge Bob Says:

    One big happy family here at Zen Fetish. Angela, pass me those cookies, if you would? And maybe Sweat Shop Sissy can model some of your lingerie for us while the rest of us do our thing. I’ll just settle in as your footboy.

    Seriously folks, this is why we adore Miss Angela. Folksy and edgy at the same time. How does she do it?

  7. jeremy Says:

    Openness personified with 99 truths on the wall for all to see. And Angela’s blog is the BEST place to hang as all of the best people congregate here.

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  9. James Says:

    Thanks for posting that Miss Angela. As someone with a lingerie fetish it is always nice when men who like to wear girly things are accepted and even loved. SSS I am so glad that you have found somone who understands you.

    Miss Angela you rock! Hope to catch up with you soon.


  10. wannaknow Says:

    Is it ok to tweet this article?

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