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(see yesterday and it will make sense)


8 Responses to “(see yesterday and it will make sense)”

  1. goodguygonebad Says:

    Oh, no! Not Ben!

  2. Mr. Smith Says:

    Now I had seen this. So funny I almost peed my pants.

    What a great sense of humor that bunch has.

  3. puzzler565 Says:

    It’s interesting that people, so often, can take Hollywood types seriously (Paris Hilton, anyone?) while some there are intelligent enough to be able to laugh at themselves. I was amazed that even Josh Groben got into the act!

  4. Sponge Bob Says:

    Robin Williams, Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford. They were all having a good time. Glad they let us in on the joke. Maybe even the funniest thing this year.

  5. Richard Evans Lee Says:

    I won’t be hurt if you delete this irrelevant comment. It just hit me to wish you a merry Christmas even though I don’t celebrate it myself. Best in everything, Richard

  6. AvonBard Says:

    Methinks the lady did protest too much!

  7. Angela Says:

    Richard … you can stop by and even just blow smoke on my blog and I will be one grateful girl.

    You’re lucky I’m not your girlfriend, because I would make a (Christmas) believer out of you.

  8. science nerd Says:

    Now that was over the top funny.

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