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Female Superiority Explained

Why are Women superior? The question can be approached from many angles and with different goals in mind, some more subjective than others. One of my primary dilemmas in writing this was how to approach it myself. The two things bearing most were if I did this clinically, having it sound too academic and not quite erotic enough, given that a truly exquisite and dominant Woman asked me to do this (no, She didn’t “command” me to for several reasons, not the least of which is She wasn’t and isn’t my Mistress). On the other hand, write it from a purely erotic vantage and it doesn’t bear the ethos of a clinical paper but is quickly written off as someone who’s “Pussy-whipped” and unable to support the thesis with anything resembling a rational approach as to why Women truly are superior in anything other than a fetishist’s province.

To begin with, physiologically, Women’s bodies are far more efficient and are built for reproduction. They’re also capable of multiple orgasms within a very short time-frame, allowing for much greater ‘accommodation’ of partners. Using the most generous of models, a Woman can cause 8 males orgasm by direct contact with some portion of Her Body all at the same time. men, to the best of my accounting, can manage four Women’s pleasure by direct contact at once.

The orgasmic source for Women and men can also give some clues to the superiority of Women . B/both require some stimulation in the brain for orgasm, but Women’s required mental activity is much more complex and varied than men’s and generally speaking a man’s orgasm can be coaxed by constant physical stimulae, usually a constant rhythm of stimulus on the penis will eventually cause an orgasm. Women, conversely, generally get even more turned OFF by a constant physical stimulus without any engagement of their mind. Often this is confused because Women will actively look for some quality of the man or men they are with to provide their mind the necessary fantasy and these are as wide-ranging as the personalities of the Women themselves. A man’s mental participation in sex is pretty widely varied as well, but even the most intellectual and sensual of men can usually be overridden by a Woman who is both insistent and provides even the slightest attraction that is a distraction to that man, rather like a pebble starting an avalanche.

Finally, a large part of the superiority of Women comes from the ways and means that civilization has developed.   Men have typically tamed the environment in order for societies to prosper and thrive.   Women have done most of the development of social order (apart from ruler-ship and religion).  Male ‘dominance’ has most often been derived from threat of force. Female Domme-inance has been derived from wit and threat of withholding. Both are effective, but wit and threat are more pervasively effective on the mind, therefore reaching much further than the immediate situation a person might find themselves within.


Written for and submitted to me by a most charming devotee.  I think he makes a heck of a lot of sense.  *wink*

Thanks, Mr. A., for speaking so eloquently and from what I know is the deepest part of your very big heart.

Although, I must say, coming from an English-Lit background, I prefer grammar-specific capitalization regardless of whether female/male or domina/slave.  But that’s just me; I’m picky that way.  Deal with it and love me in spite of my peculiarities and  idiosyncrasies.  Believe me, it’s better for all of us.

xo, Angela

13 Responses to “Female Superiority Explained”

  1. Sponge Bob Says:

    Mr. A makes a lot of sense. Don’t be so picky, Miss Angela. W/we don’t all have English backgrounds. You can’t expect lowly males to understand the inherent complexities of servitude. we are just doing the best we can from down here on our knees.’

    Maybe we need some serious punishment?

  2. Mr. Smith Says:

    Convicing argument. By God (or should that be “Goddess”) I think I’m beginning to see the light.

  3. science nerd Says:

    Great entry! Wit and witholding indeed..our Angela personifies the best of both, though the latter can provoke a kind of blissful insanity.

  4. hdb Says:

    Woman got it. Men want it. Need I say more?

  5. Pop Diva Says:

    where do i find me a guy like this? do they only exist on the ‘net?

  6. puzzler565 Says:

    Well, in MY house, the woman gets to make all the minor decisions, like where we will live, where the children will go to school, what we will do on vacation, when we will retire, while I get to make all the major ones, like world peace and nuclear disarmament.

  7. lit major Says:

    I think Mr. A is really on to something. Why is a woman so much better equipped for the fun of sex than a man – able to have more orgasms, able to stay excited longer without coming, able to experience different types of orgasms? I’m sure there is a basic biological reason; perhaps that she needs to stay at it until she is certain that she has gotten all the sperm a man can give her to have the maximum possibility of having a child. But she sure is created for fun. Of course, I can last that long too – but only when Mistress Angela is in one of her maximum denial moods!

  8. onaleash4u Says:

    i’ve spent two days counting and recounting and i can get to 7. How does Mr. A get to 8? And can we try number 8, Mistress?

  9. backroads Says:

    I’m a firm believer in Female Superiority. This essay illustrates more than a few reasons why this would be true.

    There are, of course, many other “proofs” that could be argued, which I will refrain from listing here so as to not dilute what Mr. A. has so profoundly illustrated.

    But if you, Mr. A., and your readers would permit one small complaint, which is prompted by Pop Diva’s question:

    Where are all these women in every day life? When are women going to own their superiority? I work with professional women every day. They are smart and very confident when it’s all business. But they seem to lose that edge when it comes to every other situation.

    WOMEN: Embrace your inner Goddess! Men need and crave your strength. Don’t hide it from us. And screw the man who can’t handle it. I would venture he has serious issues and is not worth your time.

  10. slaveboyseven Says:

    Dear Pop Diva – I’m right here, just as soon as Angela lets me out of the house.

  11. lawyer guy Says:

    I love the “pebble starting an avalanche” analogy! Just the slightest suggestion of willingness on my partner’s part and I am all fired up and ready to go. What power these women have – and Ms. StL in particular, of course!

  12. hot java Says:

    Honest, literate and well-reasoned, though I think Angela is the best ruler I have had and as for religion, I have been on my knees before her Saintliness more than once. Ahmen.

  13. Mr A Says:

    Thanks to all for the response! My replies, in order and as I think necessary are: I also have an extensive English background, but deferred to a convention oft-used by Dominas to emphasize the roles of the relationship. Miss Angela had not conveyed to me beforehand her preference, hence my mistake. I ask her forgiveness?
    Glad to have helped you on your way, Mr. Smith!
    Pop Diva: I assure you I am NOT “only on the ‘net”
    Puzzler: Glad to see you prove my theorem of how civilisation (Br sp) formed along those exact lines.
    Lit major: You’re precisely correct as to the why (ensuring pregnancy) and also to keep women from simply running away from us and humanity joining the dodo rather quickly.
    onaleash4u: Here’s how it works. One vaginally, one anally, one in each hand, one in her mouth, one between her breasts and one between her feet. Theoretically she could add a ninth with very long hair to stimulate yet another man (if you’ve never had a woman bring you to orgasm this way, it’s slow and EXQUISITELY painfully delightful in it quite literally “tickles” you to orgasm!)

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