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Damn! Serious Man Candy


5 Responses to “Damn! Serious Man Candy”

  1. Lyndee Says:

    One of the greatest songs EVER! Of course, that is just my opinion! Love, love, love this song… thanks for sharing!!


  2. PQS Says:

    It’s awfully hard not to like either the song or Ben E. King doing it. I also love his version of “Spanish Harlem.”


    Thanks for this oldie. Brings back a lot of memories.

  3. Pop Diva Says:

    Now that is fuckin’ sick to the nth. You and your friend Lyndee have good taste.

  4. hdb Says:

    Brings back memories of many a party and many good times.

  5. backroads Says:

    Ben E. King is the MAN! I saw him live — not once but twice. Almost a third time, had to forfeit the tickets when I was called out of the country on business. But both times I did see him, he rocked the house and everybody was on their feet.

    Is there a better song? Nah.

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